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A Changed Life

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Changed Lives - Claire Hammontree and Lynda Guthrie

The Power of Discipleship...

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A Changed Life - Pastor Jim Dallery (filmed Sept. 2015)

"I had no problem understanding I was sinful - I knew I was sinful - and the guilt and the burden and the heaviness of my sin was there. And I was always trying to do something to get rid of it by being nice or being a good person." - Jim Dallery on his need for Jesus Christ....

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Changed Lives - Jason and Kim Rennich

Jason was raised in a Christian home while Kim was not. Both came to Christ at early ages. They met in college and were married at age 21. "We were living the Christian American dream but then God decided to intervene..." ...

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A Changed Life - Matt Wilks

"If you were to have asked me if I was a Christian, I would have said 'yes' because it was easier to say that I was a Christian than I wasn't - and answer why. And the reason why is because I felt you were weak if you believed in God." - Matt Wilks ...

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A Changed Life - Dr. Kelly Chor

"I had an amazing discipleship leader who really helped me explore The Word and figure out that the only place I really need to be is IN The Word..." - Dr. Kelly Chor....

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A Changed Life - Jennifer Rokisky

"I remember asking my father, 'How do you know?' and he asked, 'When did your life change?'...My life had never changed, I had never turned frommy old ways."- Jennifer Rokisky ...

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A Changed Life - Abby Ochs

Hear Abby share how her life changed when she realized she needed a daily walk with the Lord. ...

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A Changed Life - Tafie Tolleson

"...My life began a downward spiral, being bounced from home to home, and I became increasingly troubled. I was angry and couldn't understand how aloving God would allow one person to have so much heartache in their life, andI had an emptiness that I had been trying to fill..." - Tafie Tolleson. Hear the story of redemption in Tafie's testimony of God's grace. ...

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A Changed Life - Tim and Bev Ochs

Tim and Bev Ochs share how they came to Christ but have very different stories. Tim was raised in a Christian home while Bev was not. ...

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A Changed Life - Jane List

Jane List tells how she came to Christ and how He changed her life. "God loved me more than I loved myself and in spite of everything I had done, or was doing at the time... In the midst of all of that, I knew that Jesus had forgiven my sins..." ...

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