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A Changed Life

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A Changed Life - Dr. Kelly Chor

"I had an amazing discipleship leader who really helped me explore The Word and figure out that the only place I really need to be is IN The Word..." - Dr. Kelly Chor....

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A Changed Life - Jennifer Rokisky

"I remember asking my father, 'How do you know?' and he asked, 'When did your life change?'...My life had never changed, I had never turned frommy old ways."- Jennifer Rokisky ...

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A Changed Life - Abby Ochs

Hear Abby share how her life changed when she realized she needed a daily walk with the Lord. ...

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A Changed Life - Tafie Tolleson

"...My life began a downward spiral, being bounced from home to home, and I became increasingly troubled. I was angry and couldn't understand how aloving God would allow one person to have so much heartache in their life, andI had an emptiness that I had been trying to fill..." - Tafie Tolleson. Hear the story of redemption in Tafie's testimony of God's grace. ...

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A Changed Life - Tim and Bev Ochs

Tim and Bev Ochs share how they came to Christ but have very different stories. Tim was raised in a Christian home while Bev was not. ...

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A Changed Life - Jane List

Jane List tells how she came to Christ and how He changed her life. "God loved me more than I loved myself and in spite of everything I had done, or was doing at the time... In the midst of all of that, I knew that Jesus had forgiven my sins..." ...

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