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Adult Sunday Classes - Spring 2019

**Summer classes begin June 2! CLICK HERE for details!**

9:30 am
Ephesians” taught by David Forbes, meeting in Classroom A/B
The book of Ephesians is one of Paul’s greatest letters. Ephesians is a unique blend of doctrinal truths combined with applications to the Christian life. In this book Paul  will take us up to heavenly places, and then he will teach us how to walk properly and in a manner worthy of our high calling.

"Parables of Jesus” taught by Jim Coffield, meeting in the Choir Room (behind Office Reception area)
Woven within the teachings of Jesus are his own autobiographical stories. The parables are the stories that He chose to tell us to teach us about Him and His Father. In this  class we will read and study the parables found in the four gospels.

I’ve Got Questions! A Sunday Morning Safe Space” taught by Joel McCall and Paul Fitzgerald, meeting in the Warehouse
Non-Christians and Christians all have questions. There are good questions, but these questions may seem impolite or embarrassing to ask. This class will involve such questions that may bother us but need to be discussed and answered. We welcome you to join us in this dynamic setting.
11:00 am
Book of Acts” taught by Chris Jaeger and Bill Morgan, meeting in the Warehouse
The Book of Acts teaches how the Church began, and how the Church expanded. In each class, we will look for modern parallels to early church problems and discuss how the Church  has developed to where it is today.

Christians in the Age of Outrage – Continued” taught by Jon Shugart, meeting in Classrooms A/B
It’s an angry world, and in a culture of 24-hour news feeds and constant connection via the internet and social media, anger can turn into outrage. Christians are not immune  to the anger or the outrage, sometimes as the victim, sometimes as the perpetrator. We will glean from Ed Stetzer’s new book, “Christians in the Age of Outrage” and explore where outrage comes from, some of the outrageous lies we are led to believe, and how  Christians can get caught up in it.

Introduction to Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament” taught by Martin Martin, meeting in the  Choir Room
Proverbs 1:2-3 tells us that God has given Wisdom Literature to reveal true wisdom and to provide instruction “in wise dealing, in righteousness, justice, and equity.” This class  will study five books that are classified as Wisdom Literature: Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon. The purpose of the study is to gain “wisdom” from God’s Word on how to please God, how to maintain relationships, and how to live our  everyday lives wisely.