9:30 am

NEW 6-WEEK CLASS begins April 24 - Classrooms A/B
Christ Covenant is about to get new neighbors. The Mormon Church is building next to us just down Kingston Pike near Watt Road. One of our families, Matthew & Kelly Rogers, is moving to Utah this summer to work as missionaries to the Mormons. Before they move, Matthew will teach a class on Mormonism to help us know how to respond to our new neighbors. (replaces Jim's class for 6 weeks)

1 & 2 THESSALONIANS taught by David Forbes - The Warehouse
1 Thessalonians teaches us how to encourage new believers in their faith; thereby resulting in living Godly lives and also explains the assurance of the believers salvation. We will address why that doctrine is challenged in today’s church. 2 Thessalonians addresses the dangers & futility of living in fear as a believer and addresses the sin of living idle lives.

11:00 am

As members of a culture that is quickly abandoning its Christian heritage, followers of Christ can often feel disenfranchised. The ground we stand on can feel shaky and uncertain. When the people we look to for leadership fail us, when the institutions we trust let us down, then what? This study by Stephen Nichols points us to God as the source of our confidence, the terra firma upon which we stand. Though the whole world may shake around us, His Kingdom is unshakeable. This is the time for confidence!

MARK: THE DRIVE-BY VERSION OF JESUS' EARTHLY MINISTRY led by Joel McCall & Paul Fitzgerald - Choir Room
Likely the first written Gospel account, a fast-paced bios version called a “docu-drama” of clips: Jesus’ teaching, events, and stories of encounters. It is like walking along with Jesus moving through His unfolding identity as the Son of God revealed before your very eyes. Come and walk with us beside Jesus in the rapid narrative that will change your life.

BOOK OF MATTHEW led by Chris Jaeger - Classrooms C/D
Matthew provides a good transition from the Old Testament by showing the fulfillment of OT prophecies and promises in the story of the life of Jesus.