Christ Covenant Annual Missions Month 2022


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WHERE DOES YOUR MISSIONS GIVING GO?Apart from the regular monthly support of 26 missionary families or organizations, we were privileged this year to give an additional $43,865.00 to meet some or all of the following missionary needs:

    Children's education, Furniture, Appliances, Office furniture, Visa/passport needs, Computers for church and ministry, Unexpected health needs, Support shortages, Car issues, Pastoral training needs, Local church leadership funding, Specific ministry event needs.
    Because of your love for the Lord, your generous giving has allowed us to help ease the burden of these needs. Many of our missionaries would have done without or would have had to begin raising extra funds.

Any giving that you want directed to world missions through Christ Covenant needs to be designated in the memo line of your check with the words "Missions" or "Faith Promise". Likewise, the online giving portal has the option of Missions as one of the approved funds for Christ Covenant.

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