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Aaron and Rachel Halbert - May 2017


Dear Christ Covenant Family and Friends,
It truly has been a very exciting couple of months for our family and our ministry! To start, the last couple months have been full of celebrations. Our family has seen Ford turn 4, the triplets hit 1, and Dad is now one year closer to his mid 30s. We have gotten to celebrate with our teammates, the Marlowes, as they finished language school and just moved to Tegucigalpa. Add to that the pure joy of celebrating with the Pinedas in the news of a second son coming in October! It has been a time of celebration for the church plant as well. We have seen a strong core group faithfully attend our Bible studies and involve themselves in our studies. It has been a fruitful and encouraging time, and we bless the Lord continually for your prayers for our work here in Honduras!

Exciting Church plant news
The last couple months of study have been an absolute delight for Josué and I as we have gotten to teach on a variety of subjects. We have had the opportunity to focus on the topics of what is the church, the five solas, the Canons of Dort(TULIP), and church polity. We have been meeting every Sunday night and enjoying about an hour and a half study each time. Many times, we would spend about an hour teaching and then thirty minutes answering questions about the topic. It has been a blessing to watch our core group wrestle through some of these topics, but continue to desire to know what the Bible has to say about each topic. We again bless the Lord for your prayers for our Bible study.

Now, as of this Sunday morning, our church plant, Iglesia Presbiteriana Gracia Soberana, will be starting morning services. It is hard to express in words how excited we are to begin having regular worship services. We will start at 10 am(12 EST and 11 CST) and would appreciate your prayers as we begin preaching through Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. We specifically desire your prayers for us as we strive to be faithful expositors of God’s Word to the glory of His name. Also, please pray for us as we finish up final preparations for this Sunday morning. Finally, we will also continue our Sunday evening studies and focus on G.I. Williamson’s book on the Westminster Confession of Faith. We pray these Sunday nights will continue to be a time to cover topics that folks will be interested in and want to discuss.

Pressing Church needs
In light of our church plant starting this week, we do have some pressing financial need that we would like to share with you in order that you may pray for the Lord’s provision.
The first of these needs is one-time gifts in order to cover our monthly rent and national partner’s salary. As a young church plant, we do not have much giving as of yet and are in need of churches or individuals who would be willing to help us get off the ground. As we reported a couple months back, folks have given in order to cover some of our first months' costs, but we continue to have need in this area. Please pray that finances would come in for us to meet this need.

The second of these needs is one-time set up for the church. We are trying to finish getting everything in order for this Sunday and there is specific need to finish getting the nursery set up. We do have some things that have been donated for the nursery, but continue to have need to buy some things in order to have the nursery ready. We would appreciate your prayers as we pray that our nursery would soon be full with children of families attending the church.

Finally, we continue to have need for a team to potentially come down to do work on the church property. Most of the work would be construction type work and we would greatly appreciate having folks who have skills in furniture building, electrical work, painting, and general remodeling. If you have interest please contact us at the email listed below. A team of 5 to 10 would be a great blessing to us.

If you would like to give to any of these needs please click here. Please also email us at honduranhalberts@gmail.com so we can earmark the money specifically for the church plant needs!

Pastoral meetings/training
One of the things that we have wanted to be involved in is not only church planting, but the equipping of pastors who are already working in churches and men who have interest in the ministry. It is with great joy that we tell you that we are going to have our first meeting of pastors at the church office this Saturday morning. There are a group of men who have been meeting and are interested in doing some deeper study in the Word. We are hopefully praying that this first meeting will turn into something special as we hope to begin having this meeting on a regular basis. Please pray again that we would faithfully seek to preach and teach Christ and that our Triune God would receive all the glory. Also, pray that this first meeting would be an encouragement to the men who plan to attend.

Upcoming travel
Just as a brief update on something I mentioned a few months back, I will be traveling to Bogota, Colombia in a couple weeks in order to begin the process of helping with the overseeing of ordination of men in Costa Rica. Please pray that it will be a fruitful time of fellowship with the brothers in Bogota and with the men from Costa Rica. We pray that this will be a strong step in the right direction for a future presbytery in Honduras.
Also, Josué and I will be attending General Assembly this year. If you are going to be in attendance, we would love to grab coffee or a meal with you. If you would like to get together please email me at the email mentioned above. I would also ask you to please pray that this would be beneficial time for Josué as he gets to meet pastors and other missionaries from the PCA.

If you would like to see some pictures of the last few months, please feel free to click here.

We, again, cannot begin to say thank you enough for your continued prayers on our behalf and on behalf of the ministry. We pray for you continually and bless the Lord for each of you!

Gracia y paz,
Aaron, Rachel, Ford, Catherine,
Ryley, Anne Waverly, & Whitley

Safe delivery of the Marlowe's daughter and the Pinedas son.
Safety in travel for the family in the coming weeks.
The upcoming Sunday morning services.
The financial needs of the church to be met.
Our daughter Anne Waverly hasn't started crawling yet and the doctor here is having her do some physical therapy for low muscle tone in her hips. Pray it will be helpful.

The beginning of our Sunday morning services.
The provision of Rebecca(the young lady who is helping with the kids)
The continued interest in our church plant and its growth.
Provision of the churches needs thus far.
The opportunity for Josué to be able to attend General Assembly.