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Andrew Attia - September 2018

Waiting On God's Timing. . .

Hey Everyone!  I want to encourage you through what God has been showing me these past two months. That God's leadership is faithful and his timing is perfect in each season. I have seen God's faithfulness in keeping me here in Jordan to continue to grow in Arabic, develop friendships, encourage others and prepare for transition. 

In the past two months I have seen my priorities shift away from working at the school and into studying Arabic full time. It has been a challenge for me not to fall into my old habits of focusing my time and effort on discipling high school students. I am still in the process of this transition because I will be leading a group of students to Hungary, next week, for a leadership conference. I'll be presenting two workshops please pray that God uses me powerfully. I am excited to see the students grow as well as step into seeing themselves as leaders God can and will use for his purpose.

Furthermore, I have been challenged to seek out spending more time with God so, that I have the joy and boldness to share about Jesus. I found that with Arabic classes, regular life and trying to develop new friendships I was getting exhausted again. However, resetting my priorities to spend more time in prayer and the word has refreshed me with vision and delight in what God is doing. 

Additionally, as I have been working to move to London,  God has been reminding me of his faithful leadership. He has faithfully provide through many of your faithful giving and prayers. Also his leadership has never led me down the wrong path and I believe what He has for the future is far better than I can imagine. Please continue to pray that God gives me wisdom in how I spend my time and faithful serve here.

Greetings from Jordan,

Update on London
I am waiting on God to provide the next 20% of the support I need to move there as well as visa and housing. I need to continue to trust in God's perfect timing to provide a place to stay and for the visa process to go smoothly. All of that to say I am adjusting my timeline to move to the UK by January 2019. I need the time to transition as well as meet my company expectations for support. 

Prayer Requests!
1.  New Friends to speak Arabic with!
2.  Team going to Hungary to be unified and ready to learn
3. Pray for the 300 students coming to the conference to be impacted by Christ filled teaching, fellowship and fun!
4. For 20% of Support to be Raised!
5.  Visa details and housing in London.
6.  God's wisdom in how to transition well.           
Upcoming Events:
September 20th- A Picnic with my Arabic Language Center
September 25th- Traveling to Hungary
September 26-29th Student Leadership Conference in Hungary
October 2nd Traveling back to Jordan!