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Dan and Susan Steere - February 3, 2018

“How have we missed this?  How have we failed to teach these things?  Are we just hypocrites talking about marriage but not doing what God says?”  
These were some of the comments we received as feedback from the conference this week.

Marriage Conference in Accra
Biblical Teaching on Marriage Hits Home

There is no “polar vortex” here in Ghana!  I stepped off the plane to near 90 degree temperatures and high humidity.  Thankfully, the conference met in the Baptist Convention Headquarters building where there is air conditioning.  As you know, AC is not normally available in our teaching venues in Ghana, but we are in the capital city of Accra. 

The conference on Biblical Marriage met from 9-2 for three days this past week, and the response was very encouraging.  As you can see from the comments above, God’s truth regarding marriage had a stunning impact on many of those attending.  Ray Warwick and I spoke about God’s plan in creation, His institution of the marriage, the effects of the fall on mankind, and the Biblical roles of husband and wife.  We then moved on to discuss patterns of communication from Ephesians 4.  The basic material was familiar to everyone, but as with most of us, Ghanaians tend to view marriage through the lens of their culture.  God gave us applications and illustrations that helped them to realize God’s plan for marriage and convicted many.  Thank God for His blessing on His truth!

Those who attended the conference are key leaders within the Baptist denomination here in Ghana.  They are already talking strategizing about asking us back later this year to do some regional marriage conferences.  Ray was also privileged to meet with the Baptist Convention’s vice-president for ministries to discuss curriculum development for children and youth.  This meeting has the potential to develop into further ELI involvement with the Baptist Convention here in Ghana. Please pray that God will open doors for ministry in both of these areas.

This morning, the other four men who will make up our teaching team arrived: Mike Harper, John Southworth, Terry Mudder, and Dan Gilchrist.  They all arrived very tired, and will use today to rest.  We will be traveling to Kumasi tomorrow to begin our teaching on Monday.  Ask God to give us safety as we travel and to prepare the hearts of our students and conference attendees.  We also need His grace as we teach.

Thank you for your upholding prayers.  We depend on your praying partnership as we equip church leaders to do God’s work more effectively in Ghana.

For Christ’s Kingdom,

Dan and Susan Steere - ELI - West Africa