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Eric and Beth Yodis - December 2017

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Christmas In December - First Time Ever In Ukraine


I'm sitting in the warm comfort of our apartment watching the groundskeeper shovel snow. A father and his two small children are rolling up a big ball of snow with which to make a snowman. Mothers are pulling their children on sleds. Beth is at the table preparing for her Ukrainian lesson. Winter has begun in earnest. 

This year, Ukraine will OFFICIALLY be celebrating Christmas TWICE... once on December 25 and then again on January 7. On December Christmas eve, the evangelicals will be joining together for a city-wide, open air celebration. Events at a central location will be shown on large screens at 2-3 more locations throughout downtown Kyiv. We are excited to see the different denominations of Evangelicals coming together on these types of projects. 
While Beth and I will be spending December Christmas in Kiev, we will be traveling once again to Lviv to have January Christmas with a church planter whom we hope will soon be appointed as leader of the Lviv church planting effort. While there, we will have a number of meetings with individuals, but we hope the greatest accomplishments will be relational.

Prayer Requests:  

 - for winter and holiday outreaches coming up in December and January throughout Ukraine.
 - for the next church planter training session scheduled January 17 - 20.
 - for strength, health and safety during this long, cold winter. Last evening, on an icy sidewalk, we took a tumble and today we are resting our knees and backs.

We'll keep our requests short, since what we really want is for you to scroll down further in this letter to see how to read the MC Comics "Yodis In Ukraine" where you'll find plenty for which to pray and to praise God. So from our home to yours, we wish you a blessed Christmas and a joyous New Year. Thank you for your sacrifices of prayer and finances that allow us to help Ukraine "formulate a vision and execute a strategy for church planting."      

yodis-2017-year-end-coverMC Comics feature Yodis in Ukraine this year! 

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Think of it as comics or as the longest missionary letter you actually wanted to read. Either way, you can now read or download the MC Comics latest release, "Yodis In Ukraine." This issue is filled to the brim with pictures and graphics in an informative and often tongue-in-cheek humor. It's missions as you've never seen them before. Your free copy can be found by visiting www.yodis.live or see the 2016, 4-page pilot copy "Life In Ukraine" by visiting www.yodis.live/comics and scrolling down to the section entitled "Archives".

Eric & Beth Yodis
World Venture

Helping Ukraine Formulate a Vision and Execute a Strategy for Nationwide Church Planting