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Fawzy and Linda Attia - October 2017


It's Harvest Time!

    Every year our harvest time is marked not by the change in the color of the leaves, but by the arrival of the first rain of the season!
    Today we had a forecast for dust all day. Much to our delight the Lord chose to surprise us with the first rain of the season! It has been 6 months since we have had rain. I even saw a little girl in front of a kindergarten dancing! Everyone in this culture recognizes that rain is a gift from God. It’s something we all agree.

We have so much good news to celebrate! The time is now! Our Lord has seen fit for seed that has been sewn and prayers that have been prayed to bear fruit for His kingdom.

For the past few weeks Fawzy has been part of a team from our Arabic church to serve our church plant in the north. Instead of a sermon he chose to teach some of the believers on the team from Amman how to share the 4 Spiritual Laws.

Joe is a 20 -year -old Jordanian Christian. He has really never shared his faith with an unbeliever before.   After a time of worship, Fawzy divided the congregation into several groups. Joe was assigned a group of 5 men.  Joe simply followed the instructions Fawzy had given him 45 minutes before. By the end of the prayer in the little book Joe had ushered 4 of the 5 men into the Kingdom of Christ our Lord! (The 5th man was already a believer) Each man had come from a Christian background, but never had understood the gospel. Each of them said; “This is the first time I’ve understood what the Bible is all about!” Not only were the 4 men excited; Joe couldn’t believe what God did through him!

How great is our God that he chooses to use each of us in His kingdom! It can give so much joy! Thank you for joining us in this oh so joyful harvest!

 Many Blessings,
    Fawzy and Linda