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George and Kathy Schultz - December 31, 2017



Looking Back...
At the end of a year it is helpful and encouraging to see what has been accomplished. Through your prayers and gifts note what God has done:  
 -CIT Trained 263 missionaries from 47 mission agencies and 8 churches
 -These trained missionaries are headed to 64 countries of the world
 -We experienced an overall 8% growth
 -Hosted two Debrief Retreats
 -Forged ahead with new divisions:                                                                
       CIT Global      CIT Next (online training)      CIT Church
 -Welcomed three new mission agency partners
 -Brought on several new staff
 -Began planning with an architect for renovations and expansion
 -Enhanced campus security  

Besides statistics here is one personal testimony of the value the training has accomplished:
 “My eyes were opened to how much I need to humble myself, and how ineffective my ministry would have been, and how small my love would have been, for the people I am going to. I was taught how I can effectively humble myself, how I can honor the host culture when I probably would have dishonored them unknowingly. I learned some invaluable lessons and my eyes were opened to my hidden assumptions that could be fatal to Christian ministry.”  SK - Uganda 

2018 looks like an exciting year ahead as we anticipate and try to manage the growth God keeps sending. Sometimes it feels overwhelming but through His grace He will do even greater things in the year ahead.

Thank you so much for partnering with us in this strategic global ministry and for holding us up in prayer.

George and Kathy Schultz
Center for Inter-Cultural Training