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George and Kathy Schultz - May 2018

Difficult Decision

We usually train North American missionaries but this spring term we received a missionary from another country who wanted training in a cross-cultural context. It was definitely a cross-cultural experience for her and for us. It provided an instant backdrop to the training as we worked together through language and cultural differences.
However, we were blessed to see and hear her heart for her people and country. She has a burden to return to her area to reach her family and a certain population that was once oppressive to her people. But to do this she faces some challenges. There is some animosity among her people against the population with whom she would work. What this missionary plans to do will be very dangerous and could affect others. To return to this area will mean she will be working against the grain of opinion to show love to that population. We spent much time praying with her and for her in this important decision.
If she decides not to return to her country she has another country in which she intends to serve. What a privilege to serve and train this quality of worker!



We had one trainee here this term that preferred sleeping outside even through the rain.





We had an apartment for him but he preferred the outside! It is always fun to see the differences in our participants!



George to Alaska

George will be traveling to Alaska in late May to be the speaker at the InterAct Ministries Alaska Field Conference. Pray for him as he focuses on spiritual formation topics. Kathy will not be going along as she has a full class for the first summer training term.
George also hopes to make a connection there with a large church to pursue help in a specific project.

May 31 Video Shoot
A video production company is coming to shoot video of the CIT ministry for PR and website purposes. Please pray for us as we prepare the campus and our words to communicate well the vision and impact of this ministry.          
TCK Ministry
Our largest ever group of children are coming to CIT this summer for training while their parents are being trained. Pray for added strength and energy for the staff and effective teaching to their hearts.          
Staff Need
Most all of our supported adult facilitation team are significantly under-supported. Please pray God would raise up additional supporters to bring them out of this significant need.          

Thank You!

Kathy and I continue to be extremely grateful for all of your prayer and support. Together with you, God is allowing us to touch the world in significant ways. Please continue to pray for CIT, our campus, and facilitators while we grow rapidly. Much wisdom is needed. I hope you will take several minutes to watch a video created by a couple of our most recent trainees on Kathy's Facebook page or at https://vimeo.com/264540180.

George and Kathy Schultz
Center for Cultural Training