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Joel McCall - January 2018

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Thank you for your Prayers and Financial Partnership!
It Started Slow But Finished Well 

Missing the flight with all the hardships that followed was God's way of asking,  "How much do you want to impact lives in serving Me?"

I must confess I was ready to quit right then and there.

But I knew better.  The Lord had called and hardship didn't change His plan. Upon arrival, the assurance was going to come as the week unfolded.  These turned out to be special leaders who were ready to change the way they see Christ, themselves, and the ministry of the Church. Jim and I both agreed by the end of the second week that these pastors were going to take this and implement it.

A leader was appointed, follow-up was already beginning and they had been empowered to apply what they had learned.

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Discovering their ministry gifts for the first time. This amazing experience repeated itself with each Pastor as they took the test, saw the results and had the meaning personally interpreted by Jim Barnes.  This was liberating for them in defining future ministry in the churches.

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Meet Zephaniah! 
This "gentle giant" grew in my grasp of the depth of his character well beyond his physical stature.  I found myself teaching a man who has distinguished his love for Jesus.  He was a medical technician for 40 years as HIV began to introduce its presence in Africa.  He explained how it is a miracle that the Lord kept him from contracting the disease given the techniques that were used.

Four years ago, God placed it on his heart to begin teaching the Bible in his church.  He attended Green Pastures Bible training and since has seen lives changed.  Then he came to this focus on disciplemaking.  

Here is Zephaniah in his own words...
  "...We live very far away from the United States of America...in a little tiny village in the middle of nowhere let me say. But what we have learned from here is great, is so big and yet we have been Christians for so many years!  But discipleship was something that brought us aside.  It has not been as important as we now realize it is... But now we know on top of living so many years without it is now, only now, that we are going to get serious with the things of God. Yeah?..."