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Joel McCall - July 25, 2017

As you can see, the attendance was outstanding and the attention was steady. These have been long days of teaching for all but it is time well spent.  I could tell you stories about our teaching content but I would rather tell some stories. 

It was the third day, we have spent close to 3 1/2 hrs of instruction and people were breaking for lunch.  As I was sitting there, a middle-aged pastor was sitting alone.  His Bible was opened to Romans, he was intently reading God's Word and only his lips were moving.  If a picture was worth a thousand words, this moment said it all.  He was deep in the Word and I sensed he was talking to the Lord and Himself as he was reading.  I wanted to capture the moment with a clandestine photo, but it was too holy a moment to risk breaking his feeding on God's Word.  It would have been an intrusion into his personal fellowship with God. 

I am deeply touched by the Spirit's attention to these dear pastors.  

jmj2This is Stephen who is our translator.  What a godly brother and fellow pastor. He has been with us every year, his view of translating for us is one of humble service to Christ.  Often when we are deep on the trail of where a passage in Romans is leading us, he will go "aha!" and his face tells it all. It is as if the Lord just opened his eyes to do more than translate something.  He is jolted by the truth he is about to speak. 

I know that often I tell you how encouraged we are in the level of response and understanding. Randy reminded me (he has been here 4 times over a period of several years) how different their questions are.  In the start of this work a few years ago, the questions were shallow, scattered at times, peripheral in their nature.  No longer is this the case.  God's Spirit has obviously been doing a work that proves a growing depth and maturity.  They notice themselves how this is changing their lives and ministry.

The last two weeks have been top drawer.  Randy Heppler and Rich Goswiller have taught with compassion, clarity and power.  God has been so evident in it all.  

You have made all this possible in your prayers and partnership with me.  I am deeply humbled and grateful to Christ for being an ongoing part of church history in Rwanda and the DR Congo.

It was said to the whole group today: "We have to appreciate God for what He has revealed to us [about Romans].  But we want to understand everything that God has in His Plan.  Until we get to Heaven, that is when we will know everything...we are told to only put into practice what is clear to us in the Bible.  It also doesn't mean that you have to be lazy in studying and finding the meaning of the Word of God. We have to continually learn the Scripture...even though we will not understand everything, [only] that we are commanded to keep learning.  Amen?"..." (Bishop Theophile RUGUBIRA)

This is a fresh cry of hunger and commitment to a revival of pastors becoming richer in the book of Romans.  This brother is declaring a growing passion to take this teaching deep into their minds and hearts and to live it out in Rwanda.

To God be the Glory!

I leave at 1:40AM Friday morning for Uganda.  Will be joined by a new team and begin two more weeks of conferences.  

Please pray for the team here in safe journey home, and please pray for me and the other team as we will begin anew in Uganda.

Thank you for your prayers.