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Joel McCall - September 2018

 Rwanda Certified Course Instructor Training

Returning to Nebbi and Jinja to respond to an African request: "You must promise to return and teach the second half of Romans to us!" 

As we continue to build relationships and train leaders where Joseph Kony's "Lord's Resistance Army" terrorized these people, we are proactively building up churches isolated by 20 years of civil war.  What a privilege to continue to invest in the future of movers and shakers throughout the region.  Again, it is our hope to not only touch this area, but to also have top leadrs from Adjumani who have been impacted by the South Sudanese civil war.

We will be touching many nations through the Nebbi conference. Pray for God to provide the means to bring many from an area that involves up to nine hours of travel.

I will also be carrying computer technology from ThirdMill to make an entire year of seminary education available for free!

As the team then moves towards the headwaters of the Nile River at Jinja, the second conference will continue what was begun among them last year.  We gathered pastors from the Islands of Lake Victoria and the region around Jinja.

Please pray for me in this fourth trip back to Africa this year.  I was ready to stay home this fall, but it appears the Father has a different plan. I intended to cancel the trip a couple of weeks ago when I was lacking a team teacher, but the Lord graciously urged Pastor Wendell Stoltzfus from Elverson, PA to join Paul Fitzgerald, an Elder from Christ Covenant Church here in Knoxville, and me to form a full team. Just when I had concluded I am finished traveling this year (spent 6 weeks away from home this summer), God has once again put His hand on my shoulder and blessed me with some extremely gifted and qualified teachers.  Pray that God will so anoint us that the Word will light fires of revival among all the churches throughout East Africa. Your prayers are needed as we seek to be the Lord's vessels to bring this message and encouragement to these pastors who hunger to be taught God's word.

Leaving the USA Oct 26 for 3 days of travel to begin
conferences on Romans 11-16...

NEBBI, UGANDA: Oct 31-Nov 2
Please unite with me in your prayers.  The Great Commission always progresses when we are on our knees.

While in East Africa this summer, I received the results of a sleep study and was diagnosed with Severe Sleep Apnea for which treatment isn't optional. I have spent the last month learning how to sleep with a CPAP.  Given the rigors of African ministry, I need a travel CPAP that is small and can be run off a battery when I have no power (which is often).  Unfortunately, insurance doesn't cover such a setup.  Please pray for the Lord to provide an additional $1300 for this unexpected expense.


-Thanks to God for your partnership with me in this upcoming work.
-Clarity in our communicating Spirit-filled understanding for the pastors and multiplication of the message of Romans
-Safety and health.
-Funds needed for the training of the pastors: $4700.00

Joel McCall
Equipping Leaders International