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John and Kathy Clow - April 2018

Peter Project

The boys are doing amazing under Ventura's leadership!  We are anticipating the arrival of the new little one any day now.
Praise: For the blessing of the staff that works under Ventura and serves the boys daily.
Prayer: A healthy and safe delivery of baby James.

Door of Hope (PDE)

We have a new girl!  16 years old and comes from an orphanage.  She is 5 months pregnant.  Keep an eye on the facebook page for more information.
Praise: Praise as the LORD fills the home with girls who need guidance as they become moms. 
Prayer: Adjustment as a new girl enters the home.  Transition can be hard in an already heightened emotional atmosphere. 

Medical Ministry

ROGER IS BACK!  He has completed his social service year and we are glad to have him back.
Praise: Things appear to be moving forward in all proper legal paperwork.
Prayer: Roger would be able to quickly get all his government paperwork and licensing so that the clinic can reopen.

Seminario Biblico La Ceiba (SBLC)

Raul, Seth and Adam have been holding classes every Saturday at two different locations.  We are SO CLOSE to being able to hold classes in our own facility.
Praise: Hondurans are being taught and grounded in the WORD
Prayer: The LORD would raise up Godly men to lead as pastors in local churches.

Prayers for our La Ceiba Team

The weeks before short-term teams has always been ones with lots of spiritual warfare.  This year has proved no differently.  The team has already been hit with a car accident resulting in a hospital stay, severe dehydration that led to an ER visit, general health ailments, and more..... Just pray for overall protection and wisdom for our team as we prepare for the summer!

clowmay1The ladies on the team had a baby shower for Candi to celebrate baby James due any time now!


Iglesia Presbiteriana Gracia Soberana (Sovereign Grace Presbyterian Church) celebrated it's one year anniversary! 
Praise: For the growth of the church.
Prayer: Eyes and ears to be opened and understood as Aaron and Josue teach the Bible to this congregation. 

Prayers for our Teguc Team

The Halberts: They returned home!  They have had some sickness in their home and are in need of good health.
The Pinedas: They will be traveling to the States soon and Josue will be taking a Hebrew seminary class.

Our Family

I can't even type without tears flowing.  We are in our season of 'goodbye' with Elias.  In a few weeks he will be leaving our home.  We still do not know if he will return to Glenis or if the government will place him somewhere else. Pray for our family as we grieve his loss.  Pray for him that he will ALWAYS know the love and care of his Heavenly Father!

John and Kathy Clow
MTW, LaCeiba, Honduras