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Mike and Carrie Meisenheimer - December 2017

Merry Christmas friends!

We are SO thankful for your partnership in helping college students discover God’s love for them and in helping them understand God’s great plan for their lives. We are thankful that Jesus came to earth as a baby and lived perfectly in ways we couldn’t so that we are now able to enjoy a reconciled relationship with God. We love helping students understand that truth for the first time, share that reality with their friends, and see it mature them into adults as they wrestle with big life decisions. Thanks for being a vital part of that process with us and for making it possible for us to give our lives to these students and staff. We continue to enjoy and love what God has called us to do right now. 
Staff Training
In December we always spend a few days with our staff team evaluating the past semester, planning for the next semester, and equipping them with some specific training for our job. This past week Mike taught our staff about the newest wave of college students, Generation Z, and how we can be better equipped to minister to this generation. Time with our staff is always a lot of fun and we are thankful for other families to do life with together in this context! 





Wofford College
Our main goal in ministry is to train students to be able to share their faith and help someone else grow so that they in turn will do that for others for a lifetime. We call this process discipleship. At Wofford College this past semester we saw another story of God’s faithfulness in this process. George, a student who attended our Leadership Project this past summer, returned to Wofford and became a manager on the men’s basketball team. He lived with several of the players and wanted to love and care for them. Over the semester he had lots of opportunities to be with them, to learn about their lives and backgrounds, and to share about Jesus’ love for them. Then in October, George and our campus staff guy had the opportunity to share the Gospel with one specific team member. A few weeks later over Thanksgiving, this player let George know that he was “all in” and wanted to now have a relationship with God. Praise God for working through students to share His love for others on the campus!

Raleigh New Year’s Conference
We are gearing up for our big New Year’s Conference in Raleigh, NC, Dec 28-Jan 1. We have 8 Campus Outreach regions joining together this year for a conference with over 1000 students! We’ll enjoy hearing from speakers like David Platt and Trillia Newbell. If any of you are close to the Raleigh area, please come see us and take in a session or meal with us! Here is the conference website with more details for those of you whom are interested. https://conewyearsconference.com/ 

Campus Outreach New Year's Conference, Raleigh, N.C.
WHAT? College students representing over 30+ universities from Florida to Washington, DC, meeting up in the City of Oaks—Raleigh, NC. Four nights and five days ...
We are excited to see how God changes lives once again through this conference. Please pray for the 160 students from our Greenville region that are going!
Thank you for supporting us in all of this! We are grateful for you!
Mike, Carrie, Copeland, Anna Cile, and Riggs