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Mike and Carrie Meisenheimer - January 2017

When was the last time you saw God answer a really specific prayer?
We can attest that God showed His faithfulness by carrying us through the 6 days at our New Year’s Conference in Raleigh when it honestly just didn’t make sense. Carrie was still recuperating from an illness before Christmas that took longer with her health yet did amazingly well and had strength for everything she needed and more at conference. We were in tighter quarters this year than we have been before with 3 little ones, and we still walked away saying it might have been our best conference ever as a family. Our kids loved the worship, their college student friends, and the endless halls of the convention center for running and playing with other staff kid friends. Carrie and I felt fueled spiritually and strengthened in our vision and calling to Campus Outreach. All of us stayed healthy until the moment that we pulled back into our neighborhood in Clemson when 2 of our children revealed all over the back of our van that they had contracted the stomach bug. :) We were left amazed that God answered your prayers specifically as we experienced 6 days of energy, health, patience, and grace as a family in Raleigh…right up to the edge of our neighborhood. :) We believe your prayers made a HUGE difference in our week and that God protected us and provided for us to be a part of all of the conference. The sickness was actually a blessing to slow us down before another semester started and thankfully we had a few days to rest, recover, and get back to normal. 
One encouraging story…
We had a female student from Presbyterian College attend conference for the first time who later confessed that she came to conference thinking she had it all together and was using it as a way to look better to others. After the first day, she realized that she was not familiar with the gospel message that had been shared and that she did not have the same relationship with God as some other students around her. Then through a few of the talks and seminars, God revealed how deep our sin runs and that she had never confessed any of it to God. In her words she began to understand that “being a Christian is not about being good but about letting God do the good I could never do.” By the end of the conference she had experienced Jesus as her Savior! We heard of many others students with similar life changing stories. 
THANK YOU for praying and investing in us and these college students. God is bringing much glory to himself in all of these works. And we love being a part of it all!


Mike for Carrie, Copeland, Anna Cile, and Riggs

Campus Outreach