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Mike and Carrie Meisenheimer - June 2018

Dear friends,
Thank you for continuing to be faithful to pray for us and our Leadership Project this summer. We are so grateful for your investment in us and these students. Here are the latest quotes and pictures! God continues to meet us and we are grateful. We feel personally spiritually refreshed even as we embrace the long and full days here. 

We’ve enjoyed being in a “newlywed game” during relationships week, playing putt-putt as a family, cheering on CO Greenville in an Olympics series against other CO regions in the area, visiting workplaces, hosting parents weekend and giving them a taste of LP life, spending time with other staff children here, and studying the Bible in community on a consistent basis. 

Lauren, rising senior at Wofford:
“I’ve never been this deep or vulnerable with God now that I understand he wants a personal relationship with me.” 

Dijoun, a rising junior at Western Carolina:
“I love experiencing new and deep things about my faith and being inspired to grow by everyone’s passion for Christ and how He has changed their lives! I am thankful to know that I’m not alone but that when we face many challenges in life that we can get through them together.” 

Megan, rising junior at Wofford:
“My favorite thing about project has been just being able to be around people that are so different from me but still see how God is working in their lives.” 

Corbett, a rising sophomore at Clemson:
“One of the most impactful things that I have learned personally this summer is how my life means absolutely nothing without Jesus and how badly other people need to know Him. Coming to this realization has really given me a heart for those who don't know Jesus like I have never had before.”

Tracy, rising senior at PC:
“LP has provided me with an incredibly positive environment in which I have been able to learn more about who God says He is.”

Wilson, a rising sophomore at Wofford:
“Leadership Project is giving me a valuable confidence to share the Gospel story with a friend, those I work with, and even strangers! As a Resident Assistant, this is a skill that I will use to connect with my freshman residents next year.”

Ellison, rising junior at Clemson:
“My favorite thing about project has been seeing the Lord be all satisfying as He gives me the strength and life to serve the girls in my room. The Lord is working this summer and I am in complete awe of his mercy for me!”

Thanks for praying for these students and for us—God has been faithful!
Mike, Carrie, Copeland, Anna Cile, and Riggs