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Mike and Carrie Meisenheimer - May 2018

Mike and Carrie The Leadership Project has begun! It started a little earlier this year due to our housing accommodations for the summer so Mike and I went down for a few days last week without kids to take some of our stuff, run the finances, meet students, and help our staff get set up. It’s amazing how many convos you can have and things you can get done without 3 little ones under your feet for a few days :) We are thankful for grandparents who cared for our children so that we could both still be a part of this first week. Our whole family heads back down to Myrtle Beach tomorrow for the whole month of June! 

The project environment has been a really good time for our family in the past few years. It is tons of fun to be able to live near the beach with our family, be around so many students and staff that are all pushing each other to grow in God, and live around such open and honest community. We love exposing our kids to older students who are choosing to follow God. But it doesn’t come without costs-it includes long hours, a packed schedule, heavy emotional issues to counsel, and small spaces to live in. Would y’all commit to praying for us on Fridays this summer? We really believe that y’all praying for us summer after summer has caused our family to flourish in what could be a really hard month ahead. We want to trust God to do that again and know the enemy is at work to destroy what God is doing in and through our staff and students. Even packing up this weekend it has been evident that an enemy is working to discourage us as we have just experienced a lot more tension in our family life than normal.  

Would you pray for: 
1. Our marriage—for unity, for quality time amidst many responsibilities this month, and for encouragement 
2. Our kids—for them to adjust quickly, for them to embrace our schedule and pace, for them to connect with a few specific college students, for all of us to have a fun family summer together 
3. And specifically for us to all sleep and rest well in our new quarters. As y’all know that is such a big need for our family with my Chronic Fatigue symptoms especially when we are living in a more stressful and fast paced environment. So pray that we all sleep well and have energy to do what God has called us to do.  

We are trusting that God will provide for us personally in bigger ways than we can imagine spiritually, emotionally, and physically for our hearts and minds and bodies. Thank you for joining with us in that! 
Hopefully the pics below help you visualize our life at project a bit-Mike and I also participated in the first night scavenger hunt this past week! More to come a little more often this month as we settle in this next week! 
Thank you for supporting us in all of this. God continues to remind us that our time and presence at the project is worth it and we are honored to be a part of watching Him change lives over and over again. Thank you for making that possible! 
Carrie for all us Meisenheimers :)
Campus Outreach, Clemson