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Phillip and Joy Kirkland - February 2017

Back in Greece!
Hi friends! It’s been a whirlwind couple of months, but we are so thankful to be back in Greece and back to the ministries that God has given us with our Gospel partners here.

Right now we are thanking God for…

 …YOU! A huge thank you to many of you who hosted us, fed us, prayed with us, loved us, and listened to us during our 6 months back in the States. You are a very real and critical part of our lives here, and it was a blessing to reconnect with many of you in person.  kirk2

…being HOME! We arrived safely back in Athens on Jan 4th. Adjustment has been REAL, but God is faithful and we are starting to feel more normal in our school, work, and ministry routines. We’re thankful for the assurance that this is where we belong right now.

…NEW TEAMMATES! Meet Hannah and Joe Nowland. We are so excited about this couple and their heart for refugee communities. We have invited them to join our team in Athens and they are currently raising support and making plans to join us here. Please pray for them in this process.

Right now we are asking prayer for…

  …the Hope Refugee Center. Philip continues to serve on the oversight committee for this refugee drop-in center. As the refugee situation stabilizes, pray for the relationships that are being built and for the Gospel opportunities there.

…Joy’s counseling ministry in local relief organizations, the church, and with women affected by trafficking and prostitution.

…the Intercultural Church Plant. We are in the early stages of planning and preparation, but pray with us that the Lord will bring together a healthy and strong core group as we move forward in faith.

...the family as we continue to adjust to being back in Greece. Pray especially for Nora as she gets used to a new school and a new 8th grade class.