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Steve and Eloise Hoke - January 2018

Happy New Year!
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These are my two favorite pictures from 2017—with the Kineo Team in Novi Sad, Serbia in March; bottom: facilitating a Day of Discernment in Los Angeles to bring a new missionary on staff to work in Honduras!    
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2017 Ministry Highlights     
Eloise and I want to wish you a very happy New Year! We are so grateful as we think back over this past year at all that we had the opportunity to be in the middle of.
For example…   Eloise and I were able to share 2 ministry trips to cities in the US
- I made 2 international ministry trips: 1 to Novi Sad, Serbia to research a CRM moving there in 2018, and facilitated a two-day workshop in Tokyo celebrating Asian Access’s 50th Anniversary in Japan)
- I made 8 team visits in the US to CRM teams and other mission organizations.
- Celebrated the launching of 3 new “Tribes” within CRM’s ChurchNEXT Collective to better steward our teams
- Celebrated the launch of our Glasgow, Scotland missional initiative called The Gathering.
- Celebrated the multiplication of our Malaga, Spain team into two teams
- Conducted over 350 coaching calls with leaders and teams
- Facilitated 4 “Day of Discernments” to bring new staff into CRM
- Facilitated 3 Mid-Career Assessments for missionaries from Los Angeles, China, and the UK
- Facilitated 3 other training workshops for CRM missionaries
- Helped coach and equip leaders working in 12 other mission organizations
- Developed numerous training materials for leaders and teams
- Continued to serve on the ChurchNEXT Lead Team

Now we look forward to the future! 2018 promises to have many exciting and challenging adventures in store for us. And we have learned from experience that we cannot complete our ministry alone. Thank you for praying for us and financially partnering with us!
May the Lord powerfully bless you and yours as we say goodbye to 2017 and embrace the New Year with Kingdom hope and expectation.
You are loved and appreciated.  
Steve and Eloise Hoke
Church Resource Ministries
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