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Matt Howell, RUF - August 2017



In three days, thousands of new students will be pouring into Knoxville and moving into their dorms and apartments.  It will be a stressful, sad, overwhelming, exciting weekend for many students and their parents.  And of course, Freshman Move In Day kicks off the Fall semester for RUF at UT.  And so, I would be so grateful if you would consider just taking a few moments to pray on our behalf for the following:

Aug 22 - Our first on-campus outreach.  We will be handing out cotton candy and sno cones to new students and doing our best to be hospitable and remember names. Please pray that we would be able to connect with lots of new students at this event.

Aug 25-26 - Our Student Leadership (Ministry Team) Retreat.  Our staff and 60 student leaders will spend a weekend away from campus to pray together and plan the semester.  Please pray that this weekend is encouraging, life-giving, restful, and mobilizing for our student leaders.

Aug 29 - Our first RUF Large Group.  I will be preaching on John 1:43-51 - "Jesus and Your Questions." Please pray again that we would be able to connect with a lot of new students and that the Lord would use His Word to convert the lost, comfort the weary, and encourage the downcast.

Please pray also just for endurance and perseverance.  The first 6 weeks of the semester feel like a marathon.  There's tons of activities, a BBQ party, a Fall conference, a freshmen dinner at our house, lots of new faces, small groups getting cranked up, Football games, tail gates, and lots of energy expended.  Maybe I'm just getting older, but I find myself getting tired even now just thinking about it.  So please pray!

Thank you for caring about the ministry of RUF at the University of Tennessee.  We are grateful to consider you partners in the gospel.

 - Matt Howell, RUF Campus Minister at UT