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Archives for July 2017

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Joel McCall - July 25, 2017

As you can see, the attendance was outstanding and the attention was steady. These have been long days of teaching for all but it is time well spent. I could tell you stories about our teaching content but I would rather tell some stories. It was the third day, we have spent close to 3 1/2 hrs of instruction and people were breaking for lunch. As I was sitting there, a mi...

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Bobby and Teresa LaDage - July 2017

Bobby and Teresa LaDage serve with United World Missionin Germany. For their current newsletter, click here....

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Travis and Tish Morin - July 2017

Roatan Mission Summer 2017 Update We have had a whirlwind summer and God has allowed usto witness and be a part of many needs both spiritual and physical being met through prayers, finances as well as 2 great teams and some families coming down to serve with us. Tish and Travis will often post ministry pictures and notes on Facebook, so please connect with us there and we...

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Joel McCall - July 19, 2017

We just completed our first conference with the DRC pastors. They came expectant to learn and from day one it was obvious that they were learning. As I looked around, almost everyone was writing notes continuously. The entire team was encouraged each day with the level of hunger from the pastors. Thank you for bringing this teaching on Romans!The entire team has done...

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Marc and Denise Atchley - July 2017

Coffee Talk with Marc Denise Atchley We are so appreciative for the prayers that many of you are offering on our behalf. God has provided us with a transitional house that will allow us to more easily sell our home and be ready to leave at a moment's notice. He has also provided Greek friends - both here and in Greece - who are helping our family prepare for the change...

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Dan and Susan Steere - July 2017

It was a busy 10 days as the choir traveled around Belarus, ministering in a number of different churches and observing the condition of Christ's Church there. I can give you more details now, but still will be cautious since anything on the internet is public. Report from BelarusA Beautiful and Spiritually Needy Country Belarus is a beautiful country with rolling hill...

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Thomas and Jennifer Su McIntyre - July 2017

Dear Prayer Supporters, We're excited to report an abundance of Gospel opportunities! God has opened up doors to share with people about Christ at a local home over tea, with a man selling propane gas, with people in the local park, in the local wet market, with a construction worker, a localarchitect, and with our newly formed evangelistic English class as we study the b...

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Joel McCall - July 13, 2017

Joel leaves for Rwanda July 14! In answer to your prayers, necessary finances were provided and the teams were called. Tomorrow we will all be leaving to go where the Father is sending us. There have been challenges. Two team members are traveling through an area that has involved international problems resulting in a reroute to Rwanda. Tickets were reissued with a 6 h...

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Joel McCall - July 6: leaving in 8 days!

"You must promise to return and teach the second half of Romans to us!" I'm about to embark once again on a month-long trip to East Africa. Last year I was one team member short, became exhausted with a double teaching load and IcontractedMalaria. Praise God, this year He has provided full teams.By God's grace, I will shortly begin fulfilling the aboverequest from the...

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