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Archives for August 2018

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Dan and Susan Steere - August 2018

Africa Continues to Lead The continent of Africa continues to lead the world in the growth of Christianity 2.88% per year. There were 2.37 billion Christians in the world in 2017, and by 2050 that is expected to grow to 3.33 billion. Of that number, there will be 1.25 billion Christians IN AFRICA ALONE! In other words, by 2050 over one-third of the Christians in the worl...

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Andrew and Julie Halbert - August 2018

Ministry Update - Home Ministry Shortly after we sent out our last update (within a few hours, in fact) we received the wonderful news that a new church would be joining our financial support team! In fact, the week that we sent out that update we received a great deal of encouragement in the form of new support. Over the course of the following weeks we gained an add...

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Lee and Jen Leadbetter - August 2018

THERE'S THE BELL RUF-I Welcome Table at UT's Orientation for Internationals FIRST STEPSThe blending of summer into fall and into a new school year at The University of Tennessee has happened once again! While we typically turn down the "heat" a few degrees every summer, as far as ministry intensity, the last few months have still been ministry "rich." We hosted 3 Movie ...

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Thomas and Jennifer McIntyre - August 2018

Dear prayer supporters, It's been a busy summer and hard to believe that Fall is approaching. Here's what's been going on and how you can pray. 1) Jennifer has been doing a one-on-one Bible study with a new seeker, Winnie. Her whole family, including her husband, came to our church on Sunday. We're excited as they seem to be very open to Christianity. Please pray for q...

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John Anderson - August 2018

East Asia- I had the privilege of befriending these 2 guys: Russel and James. They indicated that they want to follow Christ, and they are set to be followed-up by some longer-term missionaries in the area. Also pictured are Will and John, two teammates. I recently traveled with a group of U.S. staff and students to East Asia. Our purpose was to love college students in...

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Joel McCall - August 6, 2018

RUKUNGIRI Wendell Stoltzfus (above), one of the team members, is teaching Ephesians. We have all three worked hard and long hours of teaching, but the rewards have been encouraging. Ephesians is a powerful book. But the conference in Rukungiri seemed to begin slowly, so the team prayed, and we also knew you were praying back home. The first day, they didn't pick us up ...

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Eric and Beth Yodis - August 2018

Eric Beth Yodis Facilitating Church Planting Evangelism WorldVenture - Ukraine Pic: Baptist Church in Stakhanov gutted by well organized group of men In our last letter, we warned of impending persecution in eastern Ukraine. Unfortunately we have news about that to share with you. First, the bad news...A large group of men in uniforms and trucks recently broke in to t...

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Marc and Denise Atchley - August 2018

Coffee Talkwith Marc Denise Atchley The picture above is of the rotunda of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. Our visit to the museum was part of a week-long trip in late-June / early-July that included at least three significant opportunities to share with others about our call to ministry in Greece. Though the Natural History Museu...

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Philip and Joy Kirkland - July 2018

Major fires this week have brought destruction to several towns around Athens. We want to give you an update on the situation here in Athens and the surrounding area. We are all safe, but the death toll is currently around 80 and may continue to rise. The church community is already getting involved, and everyone is working to assess the damage. Right now much of the area...

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