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Archives for June 2019

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Joel McCall - June 2019

Brief Update Concerning Rwandan School As I mentioned in the last report, things are progressing on a Rwandan School. I had a long telephone meeting with Andrew Lamb, a director with ThirdMill. This is now the second meeting with this brother and he was very encouraging. Andrew was in Rwanda a few weeks ago for a second meeting with Rwandans concerning a way forward on th...

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Lee and Jen Leadbetter - June 2019

Dear Friends,Summer ministry activities are now beginning to flower, and as we reflect on the past year, we once again are filled with joy as we consider all that God has done among the nations at​ The University of Tennessee through RUF International. We have been blessed to form​ relationships with friends from far away places like El Salvador and Egypt, Brazil a...

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Eric and Beth Yodis - June 2019

Eric Beth YodisFacilitating Church Planting Evangelism WorldVenture - Ukraine The Ukrainian and European headlines ran: "Will Ukraine elect a clown?" and "The only qualification Zelenski has is playing the role of president on a television program", but when 73% of the Ukrainian population overwhelmingly voted for this well-spoken and highly loved actor/comedian, even t...

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Thomas and Jennifer McIntyre - June 2019

Dear prayer supporters, We have exciting news to share...we have finally found someone to pastor our church! Here's how you can pray for all that is happening. 1) It has always been our intent to turn over our church to an indigenous pastor. Jordan and his wife Bella (pictured above) are Taiwanese nationals and both have seminary degrees. They feel God's calling to eve...

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Joel McCall - June 10, 2019

RWANDA AND DRC The Rwandan conferences are getting close! Very close... After inquiring about translation status, I received an update from Olivier, our Stewardship course translator. He is translating the English text into Kinyarwanda. Since this course text is rather extensive and deep in its content, it is a huge task. Here is what he just wrote to me after I inquir...

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Bobby and Teresa LaDage - June 2019

Hello Family Friends,In June 1992, Bobby and I made our first visit to Kyiv, Ukraine. Bobby was finishing his Master's degree in seminary, and we were asking God where he wanted us to serve him as missionaries, so when we had the opportunity for a short term trip to Ukraine we took it! Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we would be back so many times to help se...

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