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Archives for January 2020

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John Anderson - January 2020

Student Story This is A.J. Stearns, an Eastern Kentucky University student. He's a freshman majoring in Accounting and Computer Science.. I have the pleasure of leading A.J. in a Freshmen Bible study. A.J. attended Winter Conference 2019 in Greensboro, NC. At this conference, he followed a path called Multiply, which is an intentionally-designed conference experience ...

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Dan and Susan Steere - January 2020

Heading for Ghana Starting off a busy 2020 with a 3 week trip to Ghana Dear Partners in Ministry, I'm flying out this afternoon for Ghana via Atlanta and New York (JFK). I think it will be a very productive trip since it seems the enemy has been more active than usual these last couple of weeks. In addition to my usual battles with pre-trip spiritual warfare, our roof de...

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Thomas and Jennifer McIntyre - January 2020

Dear prayer supporters,Thanks for all your prayers and gifts over the Christmas season. All of our activities were fruitful in their own way; in the park we were shocked by the throngs of people who wanted to attend our event, partly due to fortuitous timing--the installation ofa new playground happened to complete on the very day of our ministry! As a result we had more...

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Eric & Beth Yodis - January 2020

Merry Christmas!It took nine months for the virgin Mary to birth the Christ-child. It is difficult for us to fathom the creator of the universe being enshrouded in His creation for such a length of time. Wow! What great love and humility it took for God to become man and we are the unworthy recipients of this great love and grace. So with grateful hearts, we want to wish y...

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John & Cathy Clow - January 2020

And here goes 2019! We are looking forward to 2020 and all that God will do in and through the ministries here in Honduras. Personally, 2019 can be summed up in one word travel. It seemed John and I were passing ships in the night. One of us would return home and days later the other would leave. From visiting churches, to caring for sick parents, to planning a wedding. W...

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Bobby & Teresa LaDage - January 2020

December 2019Dear Family Friends:We pray you had a wonderful Christmas. The Good News of Christ's birth, death, and​resurrection is being proclaimed around the world! Your prayers have helped many people hear​ the gospel in the major cities of Europe this year. There are so many stories to tell you from the​ past few months I will share just a few.​We moved to Bir...

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