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Alex and Maggie Halbert - June 2018


Warmest greetings from the Halbert family.  We pray this finds you well and are so very grateful for all your prayers. 

We are very pleased and excited to share that our long awaited visa arrived in the mail last week.  What we were told would take 2 weeks ended up taking 7 weeks and we weren’t even sure if we would end up getting them.  But, by God’s great goodness to us and as an answer to the prayers of many, we ended up getting them.

We are also excited to share that we have been approved to return to the field and have purchased tickets to leave the US on July 16th.  We are all very excited to finally return to the work and people in South Africa.  Over the course of our time in the US, the Lord has provided greatly for our funding to return to South Africa and while we are just a little short in our funding, we return in faith that God will provide for all our needs, just as he did during our first term in South Africa.  We would ask that you pray with us for continued funding as we return.

We are now in the process of saying goodbye again, packing up all our belongings, getting rid of some of the stuff that we accumulated while living in the US, looking for a house to move into when we return to South Africa, as well as trying to sort all the other details of returning.  While there is lots to do, we are overjoyed at the fact that our return is coming quickly.  There is also a lot going on with the family.  Emma Kate turned 3 in May, William turns 2 next week and we celebrate our 10 year anniversary on the 28th. 


In our last update we asked you to pray for a temporary vehicle and that we would receive our visas and the Lord has been gracious to answer both of those requests in special ways.

Praise the Lord that he has provided sufficient funding for us to return.


Pray that the Lord would continue to provide for our finical support.

We would ask that you pray for all the logistics of our return; packing, finding a new house, reconnecting with people in South Africa.

Please pray as we say goodbye to family and friends here in the US.  Goodbyes are difficult and we will very much miss all the people with whom we have been able to reconnect and share the past several months with.

Please continue to pray for our children as they transition back to South Africa and say goodbye to all their newly met friends and family.

Alex and Maggie Halbert, UWM South Africa