Bekah Ochs - April 2020

bekah ochs


Friends and Family,

I’m excited to announce I have raised 60% of my support! Honestly, partnership development has been a journey. It has been incredible and so encouraging to see God open the hearts of individuals, families, and churches to partner with me. Other times, Satan uses my insecurities and uncertainties to try and pull my focus off God. During those times, picking up the phone or asking someone to be a partner feels like the hardest task in the world. God has been so faithful through both of those experiences, and I’m so thankful. I honestly can say that support raising has grown my faith and I am 100% reliant on Him-because I know that I cannot do it in my own strength. As I continue to do partnership development,  I am eagerly looking forward to beginning work when I am 100% supported!

bekaho1Missions Conference at my home church in Knoxville, TN where I had a booth and had the opportunity to participate in a missionary panel (below).

What God is teaching me...

Recently I heard a lesson from Ray Vander Laan about the Church in Laodicea (Revelation 3:4-22). Honestly, before this lesson I thought the reference to water meant hot was good and cold was bad. Ray, however, pointed out that two rivers ran from neighboring cities towards Laodicea. The hot springs came from Hierapolis and was known to bring healing, restoration, and comfort to aches and pains. The cold water came from Colossae and was refreshing, uplifting, and brought life. These two bodies of water ran together near Laodicea and produced water that was full of minerals and not good for drinking. Contrast these two types of water with the lukewarm, tepid water and there are obvious differences. The challenge for the Church in Laodicea: represent Christ and love others well, by being refreshing, uplifting, and life-giving OR bring healing, restoration and comfort. These two waters (hot and cold) were not against each other, but working together. What a challenge and encouragement a message like this is, especially during a time when it is easy to close ourselves off from those around us and care only for ourselves. What are ways that we can be cold or hot water to those around us (while still practicing healthy measures!)? Who can we call, facetime, or send a note to? How can we use the gifts God has given us to bless and love on others?

Where I have seen God move…

I have been so encouraged by the Believers who are stepping up during this crisis to care for others. People making medical personnel masks. Buying groceries for the elderly and shut-ins. Flexibility in changed plans.
As we are in a time of uncertainty and fear, please know God is still on the throne and in control. My heart aches for those who are affected in a variety of ways. I hope each one of you is staying healthy. My prayer for the Body of Christ during this time is that we may use every opportunity to proclaim the Gospel.

What has God been teaching you during this season? Where have you seen Him move? Please let me know how I can be praying for you! If you happen to find yourselves with nothing to do, I’d love to chat!
Grace and Peace --
Bekah Ochs
New International

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Top left: Learning how to do pottery from a fellow missionary
Top right: Excited to celebrate the engagement of my sister Abby and Chase
Bottom left: Hiking at Fall Creek Falls with my sisters Maddie (center) and Shannon (right)
Bottom right: My favorite adventure buddies call my Auntie!