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Bobby and Teresa LaDage

LaDage-300x278Praise God that Europe is opening up for Americans who have been vaccinated! We are planning a trip in June to some of our cities. We can’t wait to meet with our church planters and their wives again in person. We continue to pray, recruit, train, coach, and resource leaders. 

On May 25th-27th City to City Europe will conduct a virtual conference with Tim Keller and Alan Hirsch. All of those who have been connected or want to find out more about our network will join in. If you are interested to hear more about what is happening, you can register online for the conference at citytocityeurope.com. The theme is LOVING THE CITY.

Please Pray
 -many European leaders will join the conference virtually 
 -God will touch their hearts to plant churches in the cities
 -existing churches in Moscow, Helsinki, Stockholm, Warsaw, Krakow, Prague Kiev, and Bucharest will flourish and multiply.

Personal News
God is so good! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought our book would get such great reviews. I was nervous opening myself up and sharing my struggles with the world, but God knew others would benefit from our experiences. It was exciting to hear that many people bought books for their family and friends. Bobby and I even gave it to some non-Christian friends as an evangelistic tool and are praying God will touch their hearts through it.

Since the book was available on Amazon on March 12th, I have had people in Germany, Amsterdam, UK, and several states in the  US buy it and write me messages. Below are a few of their comments:

“Teresa, Thank you for sharing your amazing journey! Once I started, I couldn’t put the book down. I loved it and want my book club to read it too.” - Sis (Knoxville)

“Dear Teresa, I just finished reading your book. It is amazing! The way you describe your experiences is so real and true. I felt I was the only one who struggled until I read your book. It encouraged me so much.” - Marcella (Berlin)

“My mom ordered copies of your book for our family and I’m reading it now. I wanted to thank you for writing it. It means so much to me and brings back memories of my time as a child when we first moved to Almaty, knowing the sacrifices my parents made. You wrote, ‘I hope the stories I’m writing are like these stones so the next generation can see how God acted on our behalf.’ I want to confirm that yes your stories are doing that. I’m basically crying through the book. Many times in the last 10 years I’ve wondered if it’s worth it, trying to pursue what God has called my husband and me to do. And halfway through your book I have the assurance that it is. That He is faithful and working everything out for our good. Thank you for being obedient, for stepping out of your comfort zone to write a book.” - Grace (Virginia) 

“Hi Teresa, I really enjoyed reading your book Thank you for writing it and for writing it the way you did. Your story and your honesty were such an encouragement to me. I am looking to Jesus and asking Him to make up for my many deficiencies.” - Martha (Wisconsin)

“I have saved each and every one of the newsletters you’ve written over the years, but your book gives the reader a bigger view of the bigger picture of your big hearts for God!” -Amy (New Jersey)

“I started reading your book…And it draws you into the story right from the start! If I were Oprah…it would be a recommended read!”- Peter (Amsterdam)

When I read this message, I laughed! Wouldn’t that be a God-thing! If you would like to order a book, you can go to amazon.com to the book section and type in “Was It Worth It: A Missionary’s Journey with God in the Former Soviet Union” The book is available in paperback for $6.99, and if you have Prime, you can get free delivery.

Family Update
We are excited to announce we have another grandchild on the way! In case you lost count, this will be #11. Jeremiah and Whitney’s baby is due in November. 

Chante and Matt adopted another child in April. Dee is 22 years. She was in foster care her whole life. When Chante asked her what she wanted for her birthday, Dee replied, “I’ve always wanted a family!” Chante discussed it with Matt, and they decided to adopt Dee. Another celebration for the Hensley family! Please pray Dee will come to know Jesus.

Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement over the years! 

In Him,
Teresa and Bobby LaDage
United World Mission