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Bobby and Teresa LaDage - June 2019

Hello Family & Friends,
In June 1992, Bobby and I made our first visit to Kyiv, Ukraine. Bobby was finishing his Master's degree in seminary, and we were asking God where he wanted us to serve him as missionaries, so when we had the opportunity for a short term trip to Ukraine we took it! Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we would be back so many times to help see churches planted. Over the years, the city and the spiritual climate has changed tremendously. People aren't interested in the gospel like they were in 1992. Instead, money, possessions, and travel are more attractive to them.

Just as the Apostle Paul planted churches in cities, the men below are doing the same to reach new generations, new residents, and new people groups in their cities. These church planters finished their first year of training and will have a second year so they can continue to learn and plant at the same time. As church planting catalysts, Bobby and I went to Kyiv in 2016 and had an initial meeting with a few Ukrainian pastors, together we decided to hold a conference, and since one of our values is one city helping another city, we invited three pastors from our network in Hamburg to lead it. Bobby found funding to have Center Church by Timothy Keller (an excellent book on reaching cities with the gospel) translated into Russian so it would be available for all. Over 150 attendees came to the conference from the cities of Ukraine, and many purchased the book. This event kicked off the beginning of City to City Ukraine.

Since the conference, Nikolai (second from left on bottom) and Benjamin (first on left standing) have worked diligently on a minimal budget. They have taught ten gospel preaching labs with a total of 106 participants and started the church planter training last year. In the fall there will be a new cohort of 16 participants bringing the total to 27 possible new churches over the next year. Ben, Nick, and Bobby will continue to coach these planters as they go through the training.

The goal of City to City Ukraine is 100 new churches in 5 key cities by 2030. These cities represent 10 million people, so please pray for more men to plant churches. We are also looking for prayer and financial supporters who want to be in partnership with Ukraine. If you are interested, please let us know, and we can send you more information or meet with you while we are in the US in July.

Partnering together for the Kingdom,
Bobby and Teresa LaDage
United World Mission - England