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Bobby and Teresa LaDage - Oct 2019

Dear Family & Friends, 

Many tears and prayers describe what has been going on with us since I wrote our last newsletter. The process of trying to get a visa to the UK has been arduous and frustrating! Of all the countries where we have lived, we have never experienced such difficulties in getting a visa! During the three month wait, we lost the apartment we were renting in Birmingham. Thankfully the pastor of the church plant we were helping with retrieved our clothes and is storing them for us until we can return. As we waited, we began to count the cost of living in the UK, which is extremely expensive! Also, the original job description of what we would do in the UK changed, so we decided not to pursue the visas any longer.

In the meantime, we have been asking God what we should do? We are once again homeless (although we are living we are living with my parents in their condo) and feeling sad over the loss. After meeting with Piers, our missions pastor at Cedar Springs Church, and Stephan, the European Director for City to City, we decided to travel to Europe from the US for now. We are blessed to have a travel budget from City to City, which will allow us to do this. Our role as church planting catalysts in Central and Eastern Europe and our position on the European Executive team are vital. Therefore, we have been asked to continue for two more years.

Next week we will travel to Europe for three weeks. During that time, we will visit our church planters in Moscow, Helsinki, Warsaw, Krakow, and then be part of a church planting conference with United World Mission in Budapest. After the meeting, we will fly to Birmingham and pick up four suitcases to bring back to the US. In mid-November, we will travel again to Europe to visit our other cities, and then attend our City to City Network Leaders meeting in Athens. We pray you will continue to support us and pray for us as we travel from the US. And please pray, we will have wisdom, strength, and courage to follow God’s plan for the future.

In Him,

Teresa and Bobby LaDage
UWM - England