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Dan and Susan Steere - August 2018

Dan and Susan SteereAfrica Continues to Lead

The continent of Africa continues to lead the world in the growth of Christianity – 2.88% per year.  There were 2.37 billion Christians in the world in 2017, and by 2050 that is expected to grow to 3.33 billion.  Of that number, there will be 1.25 billion Christians IN AFRICA ALONE!  In other words, by 2050 over one-third of the Christians in the world will be African. (cf. worldchristiandatabase.org)


Why Train Ghanaian Church Leaders? The statistics above provide some needed perspective on the critical importance of training church leaders in Africa.  The Western world is no longer the center of Christianity.  But Western Christians can have a significant influence on the Biblical health of the African Church through effectively equipping African leaders.  This is our main incentive for returning to Ghana several times each year.

ELI is committed to providing in-depth Biblical training for church leaders, following Paul’s command to Timothy in 2 Tim. 2:2:  “[W]hat you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”  That will once again be our thrust as four of us return to Ghana this week.

Dan Gilchrist, John Southworth, Ray Warwick, and I leave this Friday (Aug. 31) and will spend a week each in Kumasi and Sunyani, teaching the following courses:  Galatians, OT Poetical Books, Ephesians, and African Church History.  Instruction at this level is simply unavailable in Ghana, but the leaders we teach influence (and often directly teach) hundreds of other church leaders throughout the country.  The result is a greater understanding of God’s Word, a deeper embrace of the gospel of grace, and a stronger commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ.

I will also have the privilege to once again teach through Romans 1-12 to over 100 pastors, evangelists, and teachers at Shiloh Bible Training Centre in Kumasi.  In many ways, this is the highlight of my ministry year, because I’m privileged to teach and preach the gospel to men and women who will share that gospel with thousands of Ghanaians.

In addition, I will be meeting with two of our MA students in Sunyani to discuss turning over much of the instruction for the next group of MINTS students to them. Creating self-sustaining Biblical instruction has been our long-term goal: Ghanaian teachers for Ghanaian leaders.   With this meeting, we will begin to see that come to pass.  Praise God!

As we go, please pray for us: 

- We need God’s wisdom as we begin to implement the self-sustaining phase of the Sunyani MINTS program.
- For hearts that deeply love those we teach because we love Christ deeply.
- That we will be filled with God’s truth and enabled to teach that truth clearly.
- For the strength and stamina required by this intensive instruction.
- We still need nearly $2,000 to cover the in-country expenses for the team.
- Above all, that God will be glorified and Christ exalted through these teaching opportunities.

For Christ’s Kingdom,