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Eric and Beth Yodis - March 2019



Eric & Beth Yodis

Facilitating Church Planting & Evangelism WorldVenture - Ukraine

Thanks for praying for our new church planting trainees. The session went great and the spiritual disciplines were taught in a fresh and compelling way. Personally, I was nervous. Many of the subjects in this first session were subjects these men and women had heard before; Prayer, Fasting, Devotions, etc. Yet it was foundational that we cover them in our training. My concerns proved unfounded as visiting pastor Pastor Tony and wife, Gail, along with other teachers presented these routine subjects in new, fresh and practical ways.
One participant summed up the general opinion of the group in a comment in our follow-up anonymous survey, "I was very much inspired toward a close relationship with God in all aspects..." and "I was even surprised at how much I was able to take away (from the session) that was new for me." We praise God for what He did during these days and we thank you for praying! Please pray for these students (shown in a picture below) as they gather again on May 16-18 as we take them through the next step of the training.
Continue reading below for more prayer requests and to find out what good deed did not go unpunished. 

yodm2More Prayer Requests:
·     Eric travels to Warsaw (March 27-31) with two Ukrainian nationals to participate in the church planting emphasis of an all-Europe ministry conference.
·     Beth will soon be helping colleagues with their child for a couple weeks. Pray they will bond well and she would be a big help to this family.
·     Please continue to pray for the peace of Ukraine. Putin's ratings in Russia are a bit soft right now and that is never a good sign for other countries. Perhaps this time Putin will try his hand a little further from home... maybe Venezuela or somewhere in Europe. Here are other links that may help you get current on the issues facing Ukraine: Russia Occupied Zone, Religious Persecution, War.
·     Please pray for the Ukrainian presidential elections that will determine the future course of this malleable country. You can read more about the election here: Candidates,RE-election 2019?

If you missed receiving or downloading the 2018 Yodis in Ukraine MC comics, just CLICK HERE to download your free copy.

"No good deed goes unpunished." yodm3

One of our new church planting students had the misfortune of stopping to help a drunk man who was the "victim" of a hit and run seven years ago. The pedestrian eventually survived and demanded justice. With no hope of finding the actual culprit, the police pinned the charges on the one person they found at the scene of the crime... the one who called for the police and an ambulance and stayed until they arrived. This young man has been tried by a judge, found guilty and sentenced to four years hard time, however, the trial is going to the court of appeals in another month or so. There is a good lawyer working on the case and we are hopeful, but most of all, we are trusting the Lord. Please add Vitalik to your prayer list for the next couple of months.

Thank you for praying!