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Joel McCall - August 2019





The Lord Answers Your Prayers -
Pastors Responded with Deep Conviction and Joy

2 Conferences that Changed Minds and Hearts

This was the first time to teach this new course on Christian Stewardship.  As we moved through the training of 320 pastors and leaders in Kamembe (DRC) and Kigali (capital of Rwanda), the results were encouraging.

I could tell you many stories.  Each day brought the same response.  These leaders were moved to see every aspect of their lives and resources as a stewardship to Christ.  Why? Because He is King and we are managers of His creation.  Serving Him daily is a privilege.

As the biblical instruction unfolded, they began to realize that God isn't after our money. That would be too small.  He wants our entire lives.  As Jesus said, "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." The Father's currency is life itself. As Image Bearers He calls forth our minds, hearts, and minutes.

Mitchell Moore had challenged the group from apostolic examples.  I walked through the urgency of supporting the pastors as Kingdom workers. Then it was the final moment of the last day in Kigali.

You could see the interest of the crowd had peaked and the people couldn't sit scrunched down in their chairs for a second longer.  As Seth taught the last session, a woman suddenly stood up and shouted, "Praise God! We must all go back and teach this to our people!"  Immediately 170 people exploded in worship to the Father - they shouted, clapped, erupting in a holy outpouring of verbal commitment to do this very thing. Yes, lets preach it and teach it!  All of us!

Through your prayers and partnership financially the the Holy Spirit made this happen.  Thank you in behalf of Christ and His church in Rwanda.


As I shared in my last email, we continued to press on with plans for a school.  There have been many challenges to this project, but God gave wisdom through several meetings there and Theophile proposed a wise and realistic plan to establish such a school.

What has now become clear to all of us on the team is the urgency of moving forward on this plan.  I especially need your prayers since this is going to take 1 or 2 years of focus to see this happen.  Please pray for me as I am evaluing all my priorities in upcoming schedules to accomplish this God-sized task.

Having just returned, I am now in full preparations for returning to Uganda to teach Ephesians at three conferences - all must be ready to leave in five weeks.

Please pray:
-Thank the Father for His powerful answers to prayer!
-The Lord to Prepare Ugandan Pastors and Teams in presenting Ephesians.

Joel McCall, ELI