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Joel McCall - June 10, 2019



The Rwandan conferences are getting close! Very close...

After inquiring about translation status, I received an update from Olivier, our Stewardship course translator. He is translating the English text into Kinyarwanda.  Since this course text is rather extensive and deep in its content, it is a huge task.  Here is what he just wrote to me after I inquired concerning the progress:

"Grace and peace from our Father be with you brother Joel,

Yes the translation is going well and I hope to complete it in the first week of July, it has been such a great privilege to translate it, as I translate I am also repenting in matters of stewardship , I am seriously repenting, one cannot be able to read this document and fail to be confronted with truth. looking forward to seeing you."

Praise God for this response.  If this is any indication of the way pastors will respond to the teaching of the team, it is going to be an edifying experience for the DR Congo and Rwanda.

Please pray for these final preparations and the empowering of the teaching team and pastors.  Ask the Father to communicate His message for the many churches and denominations that will be gathered (150+ at each location).

Just as in America, their churches cannot succeed without the support of all God's people.   Stewardship isn't simply a matter involving level of income.  It is about understanding God's call upon our lives as Stewards of His grace.  This involves everything - time, life, minds, wills, and finances.

The goal is to help them think in an extensive Biblical fashion in their own setting.  When that happens by trusting and obeying God, He will move mountains to grow His Church in spite of the war and poverty.

Please believe with me that Christ will show up in power. If He does, the results will transform churches and regions for the glory of Christ.


God is bringing together a movement to also train internationals in the USA.

The world has been coming to America.  Since everyone needs Jesus, we need to continue to take the Gospel everywhere including our own backyards.

I have been working with some brothers here in America to birth a vision to effectively carry training to leaders of immigrant groups who are now among us.  I will tell more in the months to come, but amazing things are already happening through a team of men that I have been in contact with. One location involved a trip for me. I had the opportunity to meet with some brothers in a large city (location remains unnamed) who are engaged in winning Muslims to Christ.  The opportunity to train leaders is around us now.  Pray for God to pour His Spirit on this developing vision which would involve ELI and others leaders.

Please pray for the team as we are meeting and preparing for the teaching sessions.

joeljun19cUpcoming Ministry to East Africa:

Progress is happening concerning the beginning of a school for the Rwandan pastors.  I will be learning more details over the coming weeks from ThirdMill and Theophile Rugubira.  Pray for the details and resources necessary as we move forward.  Without this success, many churches will be closed.

I will also be leaving for 3 weeks on  Sept 19 - Oct 12.  The teams will teach 3 Ugandan conferences on Ephesians.  Two will involve Certified Course Instructor training.  It will be a very busy time this summer and fall.  I need your prayers!

Joel McCall
Equipping Leaders International