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Joel McCall - June 2019


Brief Update Concerning Rwandan School

As I mentioned in the last report, things are progressing on a Rwandan School.  I had a long telephone meeting with Andrew Lamb, a director with ThirdMill.  This is now the second meeting with this brother and he was very encouraging. Andrew was in Rwanda a few weeks ago for a second meeting with Rwandans concerning a way forward on the school.

Please pray for us as we are putting together essential steps for beginning a school to certify and credential pastors according to their educational status.  We have identified some necessary hurdles before us to make this a reality.  The government has approved the curriculum, now the means of delivering the training in a way acceptable to the government is our next challenge. 

Pray fervently for wisdom and success in gaining the approvals in writing from the Government in order to begin this coming year.  The pastors are required to enter a program of study which we plan to provide.  Pray for God’s wisdom in all this.


God is bringing together a movement to also train internationals in the USA.  

Review of last report that stated the following: The world has been coming to America.  Since everyone needs Jesus, we need to continue to take the Gospel everywhere including our own backyards.I have been working with some brothers here in America to birth a vision to effectively carry training to leaders of immigrant groups who are now among us.  I will tell more in the months to come, but amazing things are already happening through a team of men that I have been in contact with. One location involved a trip for me. I had the opportunity to meet with some brothers in a large city (location remains unnamed) who are engaged in winning Muslims to Christ.  The opportunity to train leaders is around us now.Pray for God to pour His Spirit on this developing vision which would involve ELI and others leaders.



Please pray for the team as we are meeting and preparing for the teaching sessions. We leave in 3 weeks.

Joel McCall