John & Cathy Clow - January 2020


And here goes 2019!  We are looking forward to 2020 and all that God will do in and through the ministries here in Honduras. 
     Personally, 2019 can be summed up in one word – travel.  It seemed John and I were passing ships in the night.  One of us would return home and days later the other would leave.  From visiting churches, to caring for sick parents, to planning a wedding.  We did travel together in the month of June, ending with the celebration of Sam and Bek’s wedding.  July separated us again.  The traveling for the year ended when I took one last trip to Teguc to visit our team there. 
     Actually,  we are back in Teguc, together with three of our kids.  The church has outgrown itself.   John and the boys will remove a large sliding door and windows to extend the sanctuary for another 20 chairs or so.  We are thankful for the opportunity to serve the Church in Teguc in this tangible way. 
     It’s hard for me at times to write newsletters giving you details on what we do day to day – because it’s personal stuff, it’s heart and emotional issues. It’s prayer and just listening.  And sometimes, it’s just boring computer admin work of answering emails and filling out reports.
     One thing that filled John’s time in 2019 was lots of meetings regarding the future of church planting in Honduras. We are excited to see how God will grow His church here in 2020.  One highlight that filled my time in 2019 is a Bible study I am doing with some of our national women teammates.  I am excited to see 2020 continue to unite the ladies on our team and grow us together in the knowledge of God’s Word.
    We pray blessings upon you as you end your 2019 and begin your 2020!  Please let us know what your prayer needs are as we would love the opportunity to pray for you as you do for us.
All because of His grace alone,
John and Kathy Clow
MTW - Honduras