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John and Kathy Clow - June 2020

The Clow Communicator
May/June 2020

clowjun12012 weeks is how long we spent apart.  During the month of May, we tried several times to get me home to Honduras. Every week a flight was canceled.  Finally at the end of the month we made the decision for John and Evan to come to the States. On June 2nd we were reunited!  The LORD has provided us with free housing and free transportation.  We have Abi and Evan living with us, Josiah is 45 min away and Sam and Bek are about 5 hours away.  We long to be back in Honduras with our teammates, but we know that God has us here.  We rest in Him, trusting He knows what is best for us. 

The last newsletter we mentioned a matching grant that would provide for an Internship of potential church planters to serve under the umbrella of Iglesia Presbiteriana Gracia Soberana in Teguc.  We are excited to have Ventura and Candi Nunez be the first beneficiaries of this grant!  We have know for many many months that God is calling Ventura to be a pastor.  It has been the biggest joy to watch this calling unfold and to see this beautiful couple walk this journey.  We will be sad to see them leave our team in La Ceiba, but anticipate with extreme joy all that God will do in and through them as interns in Teguc and then, in God's timing, become a church planter. 

clowjun320You may recall that Ventura has served as the director of Peter Project.  His leaving obviously creates a hole in that ministry.  But God already took care of that!  Cesar, who has worked in the project for about 4 years, is stepping up and will be taking on the role of director.  We are thrilled to have he and his wife Gaby join our team in this way!

Honduras is SLOWLY opening back up. Our teammates are still only allowed to leave their homes ONE TIME every OTHER week to go shopping for groceries. With special driving permit, a few of our employees can start working at the office again. The clinic will reopen next week, LORD willing. Please be in prayer for our teammates - for mental and physical health as they stay on lockdown.

John and I will remain in the States until the country is reopened and we are allowed to return. We will continue to serve our team as best as we can from afar. A large portion of John's job is admin computer work and zoom meetings, that he is able to continue doing. We will also work on support raising while in the States - as much as we can. Back in April, I accepted an internal position within MTW Member Care. I have been given the blessings of serving the MTW Central American missionaries. The majority of our responsibilities can be completed virtually, which makes this transition a little easier.

*wisdom in all things
*timing and transition for Ventura and Candi's move from La Ceiba to Teguc
*our teammates on strict stay at home restrictions in Honduras
*the ministries in La Ceiba: girl's home, boys center, clinic and Bible Institute
*growth for the Presbyterian Church in Honduras

John and Kathy Clow
MTW - Honduras