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John and Kathy Clow - March 2019

The Clow Communicator

Feb-March 2019

clowmar7Clinia Arbol de la Vida

We are thrilled that the clinic is up and running!  We are doubly blessed and excite to share with you that all inspections passed and we are a fully licensed clinic being ran under Honduran licensed Dr Roger Guillen!  We are so thankful to God for this all being accomplished.  We also are excited to have an intern, Zach, working alongside Dr Roger.  When not needed at the clinic, Zach has been helping with the Peter Project boys.

clowmar6Puerta de Esperanza (PDE)

The home welcomed a new mom and her baby.  Paola and her daughter, Jenci, are adapting and transitioning into their new life.  Alma has been spending some extra time with Paola helping to improve her education skill level.  Of course, with giving one girl extra attention, comes jealousy from the other girls.  Our hope is that the three teenage moms  will live in community with one another.  Helping care for the house and each other babies. 

clowmar5Peter Project

The new school year has started for the boys!  This year a dream has come to fruition.  It has been the desire for the boys to have a trade - something that they can DO to earn an honest income.  The older group of 6 boys are now in a vocational center learning how to repair/maintenance of ac units!  We are so proud of them! Ventura continues to pour into these boys and seek the LORD for their physical and spiritual needs.  He knows that God has a mighty plan for all the boys in the project. ​

clowmar4Seminario Biblico de La Ceiba

The new year has started, and we have TWO SETS of students: First (6 students) and SECOND (7 students) year!  It is a joy to see that the books from our library are being put to great use as the students dive into the Word of God!  Andrew Hane is currently in language school In Costa Rica.  Upon completion, He will move here and after getting settled in will begin to minister in the seminary. 

clowmar3Iglesia Presbiteriana Gracia Soberana

We continue to give God glory for the growth of the Church in Tegucigalpa.  We do not get the chance to visit and encourage the team there near as often as we would like.  We do, LORD willing, get to visit them this upcoming weekend and share in their monthly church-wide lunch together. 


1. For the LORD to bring patients to the clinic who not only need physical healing, but who need spiritual healing as well.
2. For the girls of PDE as they learn to live in harmony and unity with one another.
3. For the boys in Peter Project to KNOW God in a real and personal way.
4. For the WORD of God to be instilled, deep rooted in the seminary students as they study.
5. For the LORD to raise up elders and future pastors in the church in Teguc. 


Our team + seminary students + visiting team from FL
When we first moved to Honduras, we did so for construction and to host teams.  The past couple of years the LORD has redirected the focus of our short term teams as the ministry needs are different.  There isn't the need for the construction and village ministry as in the past.  That means the teams are smaller in number and fewer than before. However - SO IMPACTFUL!  This team from FL hosted a weekend conference, "The Sufficiency of the Scripture" for the seminary students.  And, there was even a little construction that got done around the project too! We continue to be very grateful to the Cains for taking the lead in hosting the teams that do come. 

Family News
February and March have been pretty rough.  We have all been separated from one another most of the time.  I (Kathy) was mostly in the States visiting the oldest three and helping to care for sick parents as I was able.  John and I did attend a mission conference in TN together, then he returned to Honduras and Evan, while I stayed.  I ended my 5 weeks in the States with a training class at the MTW office.  John has been trying to get the last of the detailed construction of the seminary finished.
The kids are all doing well in the respective locations.  It continues to be very strange for us to have all four kids in different places.

John and Kathy Clow
MTW - Honduras