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John and Kathy Clow - January 2021

The Clow Communicator -Jan 2021


As for all, 2020 in Honduras started out normal. I (Kathy) had some traveling to visit churches in the States. I left Honduras on March 12, and on March 15 the country shut down. After weeks of trying to return, we accepted God’s plan that it was not to be. John and Evan joined me in the States on June 2. We thought it would be just until August and then we would return to Honduras for Evan to finish his senior year of high school. Neither was that meant to be. The decision was made that we would make this our official HMA (home ministry assignment), and Evan would complete high school in Texas.

In Honduras, our team mates spent 2020 in extreme lockdown. They were allowed to leave their homes once every two weeks to get groceries and go to the bank. In Teguc, church services went online. In La Ceiba: The Bible Institute was unable to continue classes. The girl’s home continued, with teenage moms and their babies all being on lockdown together. The boys of Peter Project were unable to attend the center, but food was taken to them and their families weekly. The medical clinic was shut down for most of the year, opening by appointment only in the early fall months.

The LORD laid the needs of the poor and hungry on the hearts of our team mates, and hundreds of food packs were distributed. Then in November, Honduras was hit with back to back hurricanes and more food packs were able to be distributed. We have heard that due to Covid and the hurricanes, the unemployment rate is over 70%. We are so thankful for all the donations that have been received by so many that is allowing the team to continue to meet the needs of the poor.

The most devastating disaster to our team, however, was the death of Omar (the husband of Angy, our team’s nurse). Just days after the second hurricane, he was shot and killed, leaving Angy to raise their two daughters (8 and 3).

Mid November, John and I were able to take an unexpected and brief trip to Honduras to check on the team and try to encourage them some. We then took a second trip the day after Christmas with Evan to move our stuff in La Ceiba into a small apartment. This move will save us a good bit of rent money. And, as we will be returning to Honduras as empty nesters, we don’t need the size of the house we did when it was full of kids.


We have several church visits and mission conferences scheduled for Feb-April. If you would like to know where we will be and when, just send us an email and we will be happy to let you know. We so hope to be able to visit you all and share in person what all the LORD is doing in Honduras. Exciting things in the growth of HIS Church. To Him be the glory!

1. Pray for our team mates and national partners as they navigate what ministry is in the midst of Covid and hurricanes: for renewed strength and wisdom.
2. Pray for Angy as she learns to live and parent her girls without Omar.
3. Pray for us as we travel and speak about the ministry in Honduras: for our support account to reach 100% so that we can return to our beloved country in the Fall.

John and Kathy Clow
MTW Honduras