John Anderson - Oct 2020

Cru at EKU

It has been a good semester thus far at EKU. The university administration has kept masking and meeting restrictions very high, so we have amended much of our usual schedule. I have been meeting with a few guys off campus for regular mentoring, and we are reading a couple different books to aid their growth in the Gospel, pictured below. 

ja oc1I also have the pleasure of helping lead our Upperclassmen Bible Study. Most of the guys in this group are juniors. They are guys that I helped bring into Cru when they were Freshmen, so it is great to be with them in this way again! Some of those juniors are now leading a Freshmen Bible Study, so I am enjoying seeing them become men who care for the spiritual state of younger guys. 

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for our new Freshmen students, that they will find a true, Biblical church where they will continue to hear the Gospel and witness God's people. 
  • Pray for our staff team, that we will continue to strive side by side for God's glory. 

Praise God that His Word is not chained! The Gospel is the power of God for salvation, and Christians can confidently proclaim it knowing God will bring his elect to Christ. 

John Anderson
CRU Eastern Kentucky