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Lee and Jen Leadbetter - May 2019





Of the 1700 internationals at UT, my estimate is that less than 5% are even professing Christians. That means that 95% of our global guests do not yet know the HOPE that is found in Christ alone, as the one who designed our lives, as well as, the one who defeated death. Easter Sunday was another special day for our ministry where 130 international scholars from 18 countries and local volunteers were enfolded into our cultural and Christian holiday celebration. We had about 30 internationals join us for worship at Redeemer Church, and then the Yates were wonderful hosts for our group who gathered at their home for lunch, games, egg coloring, and 2 egg hunts!

led1   Redeemer's Easter Service
led2   Easter Egg Hunt
led3   Easter Lunch
led4   Enjoying the Easter holiday


Every Wednesday this spring Jenny and I have fed the "hungry" - they're not hard to find on a college campus...especially among international students! These precious Latino friends from El Salvador, Chile, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Honduras, and Nicaragua really rolled up their sleeves as we ate and talked together in depth about "Amazing Grace" from the New Testament book of Galatians. None of them had ever read it before, and one student said, "Thank you guys for all you've done. You've really helped me understand the message of grace from the Bible better!"

led6   Jenny, Lee, Drew & Bangladeshi Friends



Praise for a wonderful Easter celebration as many international friends experienced Easter joy and heard about Easter hope in Jesus.

Praise for Drew Farlett as he finishes his internship with RUF-I this month and moves to Chicago.

Pray for Becca and him as they get married (by me!) on May 18 and relocate to Chicago.

Pray for our "Finish Line" party tomorrow night. Over 100 UT internationals registered!

Praise for our ability to advocate for a Latino student who was scammed out of $2,350. RUF-I negotiated with her bank, and volunteers gave generously, so that all but $130 was absorbed!

Pray for us as we expect to put our house on the market very soon in an effort to be wise financially. Staying in town (!) but lots of factors to consider related to a new place.

Lee and Jen Leadbetter
RUFI - University of Tennessee Knoxville