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The Clow Communicator - Update from John and Kathy Clow Feb.2016

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 February started with John being in the States. He spent his time there with a visit to his parents and 96 year old grandmother, a visit to a church in AL, and admin work in the MTW office. He was able to coordinate his time at the office with Aaron Halbert, team leader/team mate in Tegucigalpa. While in the USA, Aaron received a call from his wife's doctor (Rachel is pregnant with triplets) advising that the best option would be for Rachel to deliver in the States. Soon after Aaron returned to Honduras, Rachel and their two toddlers flew back to the States and are staying with Aaron's parents. Aaron stayed in Honduras to finish getting their house ready (they had just moved). John was able to travel and spend two days helping Aaron with 'house projects'. We are thankful the LORD allowed us to serve the Halberts in this tangible way and help get Aaron to his family sooner rather than later.
Please pray for Aaron, Rachel, Ford, Catherine and the triplet girls!

We were blessed to have Peter and Jerry from Wellington Presbyterian in FL visit us for a few days. This church has been a huge supporter of the ministry and have partnered to help support Pastor Danaldo and his church planting efforts in the village of Eden. They spent time not only with Danaldo, but individually with each of the missionaries. We were greatly encouraged by them.

Feb 13 brought us three supporting churches from PA. Trinity/Hershey PCA, Manor and Bethany. It was a mix of medical and construction. Our dear friends left VERY cold northern weather, but they didn't exactly arrive to hot tropical humidity. For us here on the ground...it was a cold/rainy week. We also got the joy of seeing Abigail, Rebekah and Josiah as well as some of their classmates translate for the doctors. Thankful to their school for letting them miss class to serve in this way!

Brenden is a graduating med student getting ready to enter his residency program. This month as part of a clinical, he worked alongside Roger. Emily is a professional photographer (we can't wait to show off her amazing work for our new prayer card photos!) Mostly, we were just super blessed to get to know this young vibrant couple. The LORD has and is going to do amazing work through them.