Thomas and Jennifer McIntyre - Jan 27, 2021


Dear prayer partners,

As you can see from the pictures below, we've been very busy! We just held our first church retreat which was a great success. About 30 people came for an overnight trip to a campsite in central Taiwan. We had a good combination of fun together and spiritual input. Jennifer was able to share the gospel with several non-Christian youth and Thomas gave a message on spiritual health from Malachi 1. Here's how you can pray this month.

1) Our current 4-year term is nearing an end! We hope to return to the US this summer for a full school year to see family, friends, churches and raise funds for our next term. Please pray for us to finish this ministry well, as our 10-year work of establishing Sanhe church is almost complete. Over the years we have seen conversions, baptisms, begun a weekly worship service, appointed elders, and hired a local seminary-trained pastor whom we will ordain on May 16 before our departure. It's amazing what God has done! We even officially changed our name from Sanhe Gospel Center to Sanhe Gospel Church! Thank you for your prayers and financial gifts that have made this ministry possible. 

2) Lord willing, our next term in Taiwan will be in a new area called Hsingang (New Harbour), which has a population of more than 30,000 with no church to our knowledge (and is home to one of the bigger temples in the country). We would once again be pioneering a new work from scratch with a 3-year commitment to the area before we would need to move south due to our children's educational needs. Our long-time local partner, Pastor Li from Chiayi, has agreed to take over anything we start -- which was a critical need for us to even begin a new venture. 

3) Please pray for our funding to continue to come in, as January & February are usually slow months. 

With gratitude for your partnership,

Thomas & Jennifer
OMF- Taiwan
See pictures below

Our new sign says "Sanhe Gospel Church."

Our worship leader leads us in praising the Lord!

Ashlee enjoyed playing giant Jenga at the church retreat.

Giant Jenga continues. 

Jennifer as a human bowling ball. 

Roasting marshmallows is always a hit.

Many, including Ashlee pictured here, really enjoyed the climbing wall. 

Our coworkers meet to discuss conference planning. 

Our long-time partner, pastor Li, is now leading a new small group at our Gospel center on Saturdays. We continue to make ample use of the facility for Christian ministry. Thank you to everyone who have made donations to keep the gospel center opened all these years.

We ate dinner with Jennifer's first Taiwanese friend (from 2003!) and his family.


Our elderly dog Kaylee is beginning to have heart failure (she is 14), and to our surprise the vet recommended acupuncture, as well as regular medicine.