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Thomas and Jennifer McIntyre - June 2018



Dear prayer supporters,

We are settled back in Taiwan after taking time to stabilize Thomas' health (he has interstitial cystitis). Thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support that make our ministry in Taiwan possible. You have helped us get through what has probably been the most difficult month of our lives. Here's how you can pray this month.

1) This summer, Jennifer will be working with a woman named India, a short-term missions intern, to teach her about missions in Taiwan. Pray for Jennifer to have wisdom as she disciples and trains her. The intern will also start a bi-weekly "English camp" for children, in place of our VBS this summer. Jennifer and other coworkers will also be involved in this camp. Pray that we could make lasting relationships through this community service and have opportunities to share about Christ with the parents.

2) Thomas and his coworker Markus are trying to start a Friday night informal tea night for men, but are having trouble finding men willing to attend. They already have many great relationships with guys, but it seems the men always have very little time for outside activities. Please pray that guys will be be willing to open up their schedules to attend this fellowship opportunity. Thomas is also preaching this week about "Finding Joy When you Need it Most" this Sunday--very pertinent to the difficulties we've gone through this past month!

3)  Jennifer also has a number of big responsibilities as she leads our team, leads weekly Bible studies, and keeps our church and Sunday service running. She is a strong influence in the lives of many, including several who believe but have not yet been baptized. Please pray that the door for baptism will miraculously open. Additionally, she has been working hard to make sure our family meals are consistent with Thomas' new diet restrictions and raising the children in accordance with Biblical principles. It has been a joy to spend more time talking with folks in the market when she buys food for the family. She praises God to be back in a normal ministry schedule and is cherishing life in Taiwan.

4)  Pray for our children as Ashlee will be out of school this summer and starting the new missionary school in August. Tyler will also soon switch to a new school. Transition (especially between U.S./Taiwan) has never been easy for them, and pray that they would enjoy their new adventures and trust in Christ each day. Both of us have been working hard to give the children a sense of security as we have faced many challenges in life. Pray also as we try to find a new speech therapist for Tyler in another city as, with his seemingly increasing speech problems, we were unable to find a suitable English speaker in Chiayi City.

5)  When the new missionary school starts, Jennifer has volunteered to be the music teacher at the school. She will teach twice a week grades 1-7 all at the same time! Because of this unusual multi-grade situation, she needs to design a whole curriculum from scratch. She is a bit nervous about it, but hopes to spread her love of using music to praise God with the kids in the school.

With thanks,
  Thomas & Jennifer

mcinjunbWhile we were away there were a number of guest preachers at our church. David Eastwood, our field director, preached last week. We rejoice that attendance has been steady, and that a few new people joined the church in our absence. A growing number of members are also volunteering to serve at the church. 

mcinjunc Ashlee and Tyler enjoy their adventures as missionary kids.