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Thomas and Jennifer McIntyre - September 2019


McIntyre Prayer Update

Dear prayer supporters,
Thank you for your generous financial and prayer support that make our work possible. Here’s how you can pray as the Fall semester kicks into gear.

1) We will have a team retreat September 6-8 in south Taiwan to discuss the next 2-3 years of ministry in Sanhe. We are at a crossroads as the teammates mentioned in our last email are leaving our ministry, and we have taken on our future pastor and his wife (Jordan & Bella). However, they are far from ready to take over the church and have a number of personal issues (panic attacks, etc.), so there is much work to be done to prepare them. Please pray for these upcoming discussions and planning as we decide as a team how to empower them to lead in the future.

2) One of our 4 appointed Taiwanese coworkers is going through very intense marriage problems. We have been deeply involved in helping their family through these struggles. Pray for wisdom and repentance, especially for the husband who is very stubborn! Men are almost always the core of the problems in our ministry—either refusing to let their spouses go to church, verbal/physical abuse, pressure to worship ancestors and idols, etc. For example, Jacky, who Thomas meets with weekly for Bible study, did not show up this week. Thomas was wondering why, and while driving home he saw Jacky taking part in a massive god parade!

3) We will have our annual church BBQ for mid-Autumn festival this month. Pray for this to be a great way to reach out to new people and have fun together. We are eagerly looking for new ways to grow our church and do outreach as attendance has suffered recently.

4) Jennifer attended leadership training in Thailand in August. On her return home, her flight was canceled due to a typhoon, so she had a free day to enjoy an elephant ride (see picture above). She is now off to leadership meetings in Taichung this week. Thomas continues to preach regularly at our church in Chinese. Please pray that God uses all of the training, meetings, preaching, and counseling to further His work in this unreached area! 

Thomas (with Jennifer)
OMF International