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Thomas and Jennifer McIntyre - June 2019


Dear prayer supporters,

We have exciting news to share...we have finally found someone to pastor our church! Here’s how you can pray for all that is happening.

1) It has always been our intent to turn over our church to an indigenous pastor. Jordan and his wife Bella (pictured above) are Taiwanese nationals and both have seminary degrees. They feel God’s calling to eventually take over leadership of the SanHe Gospel Church and have accepted our call! Jordan has requested that we do this transition slowly (several years) because he needs time to get to know the members of our church, many of whom have deep relational connections with the missionaries who led them to the Lord. Our church also needs more time to grow in spiritual depth, numbers, and financial stability. Our general plan is to work side-by-side for a season, and when Jordan feels that he and the church and ready, we will pass the mantle! We are already researching other unreached places in Chiayi County for a future new church plant.

2) Because our church is small and many of the members have spouses who openly oppose the gospel, getting a steady income source to support a local pastor (plus monthly rent of a facility) is challenging. For now, Jordan & Bella will get their funding through three sources — our church offerings, their own personal support raising within Taiwan, and foreign church assistance. As time progresses, our goal is to have SanHe Church completely independent of foreign aid. 

3) Please pray for our church attendance as it can vary greatly from week to week. Please also pray for our upcoming summer camp and short-term team from Hong Kong July 7-16, and for our co-workers the Laurenkaris in Finland who are at risk of not being able to return to the mission field due to lack of funding. Their financial deadline is late June.

Your partners in the eternal harvest,

Thomas & Jennifer - OMF Taiwan (see pictures below) 

mcin2We held our worship services outside one Sunday last month.

mcinjerichoActing out the story of Joshua and the battle of Jericho.

mcin3Ashlee just finished second grade and Tyler will start 1st grade at the same school (Morrison Academy Chiayi) in August.

mcin4Ashlee and Tyler love to help Thomas tell Bible stories in the park.
Here they are fishing in a boat waiting for the big catch! (John 21:1-14)