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Update from Joel McCall - January 2017



Jan 27 - Feb 11

I returned last weekend from our annual ELI Staff meeting in St. Augustine, FL. It was a challenging and encouraging time of reports, policy considerations, fellowship and prayer.

The best thing was a celebration involving a time of telling God's Story through ELI. In a large dinner gathering people arrived from a large distance as staff shared what God is doing around the world.

I was again amazed at the power of Christ at work. ELI is sending staff to China, India, East Africa, West Africa, and Central America. Two of our national leaders were key speakers as they shared what God is doing through their ministries in Uganda and India. Indeed, there are over 100 thousand believers being touched by the work of ELI.

By God's grace, I'm returning this week with Dave Forbes (Elder at Christ Covenant, Knoxville,TN) and Matt Bradley (Pastor at All Saints in Nashville, TN) to teach the top leaders selected from last summer's large conference on Romans.

This group will be certified to go and teach their peers in many churches. The CCI training includes 20 from each region (DRC & Rwanda) and the course will cover the entire week. We will re-teach Romans 1-10, much small group interaction will take place, followed by each group teaching a summary. This enables verification that they have understood and can teach the material accurately.

I believe God is moving and He will glorify His Son through this time of in-depth equipping of pastors. Of course I have once again faced challenges at home leading up to my departure for Rwanda. When I returned home from FL, Sarah then returned from helping our daughter to paint and move into a new home. Sarah caught the flu and has been ill for over a week. Prayer has been lifted for her and for my protection as I am leaving. We both need God's protection.

I want to thank all of you for your prayers and financial support. God even provided through a sister in Christ to buy $300 worth of Study Bibles in the Kinyarwandan language!

In all these things Christ is praise and I am going because He is using each of you. God bless you.

1. Praise to God for providing all financial needs for this training in Romans
2. Health and safety as I leave with the team
3. God's preparation for the pastors as they gather
4. Great success in changing Minds and Hearts from the book of Romans.
5. Biblical and Theological Depth to take root in the churches