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Seth Hammond

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My Time at the Air Force Basic Chaplain Course

My experience training at the Air Force Basic Chaplain Course....

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The Danger of Drifting Away

Beware of drifting. Pay close attention to God's ways....

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Resiliency in the Face of Fires

In the midst of a tragic fire, our community has responded with resiliency....

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The Miracle Baby

The miracle baby we celebrate at Christmas was like no other baby in all of human history....

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The Election's Over, Now What?

After a much-heated Presidential race, where do Christians go from here?...

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God's Riches at Christ's Expense...

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Why Should I Go to Church?

The Church is the only place that will provide a family who will help you with life's struggles and truth that will help you with life's questions....

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An Update from Officer Training School

My experience training in the Air Force in Officer Training School....

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A Life Consumed With Riches

The battle between a life consumed by the riches of wealth vs. a life consumed by the riches or Christ....

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5 Ways to Spot a False Preacher

The Bible gives us ways to spot a phony preacher and teacher....

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