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Seth Hammond

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4 Ways to Handle Difficult Family Members at Christmas

Is there someone in your family who you walk on eggshells around? Are there certain topics that you avoid? Is there a problem that hasn't been addressed? ...

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3 Misconceptions of the Christmas Story

Is December 25th Christmas Day? Was Jesus born in a barn? Were there 3 Kings?...

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5 Ways to Turn off Your Work and Turn on Your Wife

We are replaceable at work but irreplaceable at home. -- Jim Coffield...

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The Secret to Service

The secret to serving is: Awareness and compassion leads to action....

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Having a Thankful Heart

The person who has stopped being thankful has fallen asleep in life. -- Robert Louis Stevenson...

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The Dad Deficit

The biggest deficit America is facing today is The Dad Deficit....

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4 Things to Do to Prevent Burnout

The alternative to discipline is disaster. -- Donald S. Whitney...

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